Google Stands By Radical Leftist Employee Who Pushed Political Violence

There is little doubt left that the radical left is devolving into some sort of tribal, violent cabal of anti-American dissidents.

President Donald Trump’s election was certainly a major catalyst in this rebranding of the “tolerant” left, and the subsequent radicalization of their more outspoken agitators.  The “resistance” of Hillary Clinton and her cronies has gone mainstream, allowing the deeper, darker corners of progressive fandom to mutate and ferment into something wholly unrecognizable to many:  Political warriors hellbent on using violence to meet their goals.

One needn’t look any further than the chaotic group known as “Antifa” for an example.  These hard left-leaning millennials are eschewing discourse for petty violence in order to silence their political and societal enemies.

Google, a company that has essentially cornered the market on how America uses the internet as a whole, has been revealed as a massive proponent of the liberal ideologies during this same time period, albeit with the predictable restraint of a massive corporation who can’t stray too far from the centrist perception.

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All that has changed, however, as one former Google employee’s radical political and racial views are coming into focus, alongside the nonchalance with which Google itself is handling the reality of once employing this powered keg of progressive tumult.

“Google has refused to disavow a series of violent statements made by its former employee, Tim Chevalier, while he was still at the company. The search giant also will not say if Chevalier’s comments constituted a breach of their employee code of conduct.

“Chevalier, a former Site Reliability Engineer at Google, recently left the company in undisclosed circumstances. During his time at Google, he was the subject of numerous complaints by colleagues who were made to feel uncomfortable by his radical comments, which often included direct calls for political violence.

“During his time at Google, Chevalier changed his Twitter name to ‘Punch all the Nazis,’ a meme that has been pushed in the progressive media and is frequently used by the ‘Antifa’ movement to justify violence against peaceful Trump supporters, who they accuse of supporting fascism.”

By essentially standing by Chevalier, Google has expressed what many had believed was the case all along:  The supposedly unbiased internet monopoly is purely and simply in the pockets of liberal democrats and their political allies.

When combined with Google’s search term fascism, a very clear picture emerges of a tech giant who has eschewed their non-partisan mission in order to render themselves invaluable to the political left.  This could very well be akin to Nazi book burning in many regards, as internet censorship will most certainly become the most powerful tool of the neo-Fascists in the democratic party.

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