Google on Receiving End of Massive Gender Wage-Gap Lawsuit

While Google may be the most ubiquitous force in our current digital landscape, by no means are they invincible to justice.

Recently, the internet leviathan has been saddled with more than a few controversies, all stemming from their information monopoly – something that has regulators and regular folks alike clamoring for judicial oversight.

In Europe, the search engine has been in hot water for months after it was discovered that the site’s algorithm was perverted in order to skew shopping results in favor of products that behoove Google’s bottom line.  This led to the issuing of massive fines against the search engine by the European Union.

Here in the U.S., however, the Google-hypocrisy and criminality is slightly more ironic.

During the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Google was often caught manipulating search results in order to hide damaging information about democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, specifically when Clinton’s obviously failing health became a concern for the American voter.

Now, just months later, the company that was taking up for the “I’m With Her” campaign is now being sued by up to 60 former female employees for their unfair gender wage-gaps and mistreatment of women.

“Over 60 women are reportedly considering a sexism and ‘pay gap’ lawsuit against Google, according to the Guardian.

“’James Finberg, the civil rights attorney working on the possible legal action on behalf of the female employees, told the Guardian they contend they have earned less than men at Google despite equal qualifications and comparable positions,’ the news outlet reported on Wednesday. ‘Others, he said, have struggled in other ways to advance their careers at Google due to a “culture that is hostile to women.”‘

“In his interview with The Guardian, Finberg claimed the employees ‘are concerned that women are channeled to levels and positions that pay less than men with similar education and experience.’

“Some of the women he interviewed allegedly made $40,000 less than male employees in the same position, according to the Guardian, while around half of those preparing for the lawsuit still work at the company.”

Google’s mistreatment of women comes at a time in which the tech world is rising to prominence at an exponential, breakneck speed.

There is currently a war against information being cultivated in liberal society, and Google is in a unique position to steer the entire conflict toward conservative America.  Accusations of “fake news” and anonymous sources and high level leakers have been big news since long before Donald Trump annihilated Hillary Clinton in the electoral college back in November, but these situations have taken on an entirely new light in the wake of Trump’s first 200 days.

With a multitude of media outlets continuing to contradict the free press, and, in turn, corroborate the falsehoods of the mainstream media, Google has an opportunity and an obligation to act as a mediator.  Unfortunately, given their past history of rampant liberalism, that may be far too much to ask.

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