Google Readies Massive Algorithm Rewrite to Stifle Conservative Media

Google and their liberal media cronies have been doing their damnedest to eradicate the opinions of conservative Americans in the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral victory.

Following the election, in which the democrats were brutally shocked and defeated by political newcomer Trump, the media was forced to sprint back to the drawing board to invent new ways in which they could stifle America’s imminent conservative uprising.  Hillary Clinton, Trump’s opponent in the 2016 presidential race, was seen as a sure thing by the left.  Hillary herself acted with an air of inevitability that absolutely infuriated the supporters of her primary rival Bernie Sanders.  It was that same arrogance that made the republicans’ victory so much sweeter as well.

Now, without a democrat in the White House, and a minority stake in the two houses of Congress, the party of The Clintons found themselves scrambling to keep the faith alive, as Wikileaks continued to rain down terrible revelations on them – some of which culminated with the dismissal of Debbie Wassermann Schultz from the DNC and a massive fracturing of the beleaguered party.

First, the left worked tirelessly on cockamamy schemes in which they could delegitimize President Trump via perceived, yet phony, connections to Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.  When that didn’t pan out the way they had expected, the left initiated a war on a term they invented:  Fake news.

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The premise behind the democrats’ assertion that “fake news” was responsible for the election of Donald Trump was twofold.  First, they believed that any news story that was written as to not agree with CNN must be untrue in some sense of the word.  Then, when the First Amendment would be inserted into the conversation, the left simply pivoted back to their insane Russian conspiracy theories, claiming now that the Russians were planting news stories within the American conservative media to undermine Hillary Clinton’s credibility in the election.  This too was debunked thoroughly with time.

Somehow, however, the concept of “fake news” has persisted in the media, with Donald Trump himself flipping the script on the liberally-controlled mainstream media by labeling CNN’s overt bias as proof of product.

Now, after a massive campaign of unwarranted advocacy by the left, internet megaliths such as Google and Facebook are working overtime to combat whatever “fake news” actually is…which, according to the leftists, is any conservative opinion.

“Popular search engine Google is reconfiguring its algorithm so that so-called ‘fake news’ does not appear at the top of search results.

“Google parent company Alphabet, Inc. recently announced a ‘rare, sweeping’ change to its search function intended to bury ‘misleading, false and offensive articles online,’ according to Bloomberg.

“While the change doesn’t mean ‘fake news’ will be eliminated entirely (yet), pages deemed to be ‘low quality’ will be ranked lower in search results so as not to promote the content.

“Google claims the new changes are in response to the ‘fake news’ pervasive throughout the 2016 presidential election.

 “’It was not a large fraction of queries — only about a quarter percent of our traffic [0.25 %] — but they were important queries,’ said Ben Gomes, Google’s vice president of engineering for search.”

This all leads us back to the New Fascism movement being perpetrated by the left.  Where as Stalin’s version of Fascism was built on an unwavering allegiance to the nation state, the New Fascism of the American leftists has its foundations set squarely on political beliefs.  Those who do not comply with the liberalism inherent in this movement will soon be labeled “fake” and be subjected to Nazi-esque censorship akin to the book burnings of the 1940’s.

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