Google Files Patents in Order to RAISE YOUR CHILDREN

The Orwellian concept of Big Brother was once considered a wholly fantastical idea that would have certainly been quashed by the brave men and women of the United States long before it took hold, should the imaginary enemy become reality.

Or, that’s at least what we had all hoped for.

The reality of the situation seems to be far more complicated, as facets of the Big Brother mythos have already invaded a number of American homes in the 21st century, many with the participants willingly installing surveillance devices and wiretaps directly into their homes.

And we aren’t speaking solely of the spooky advertising on Facebook that seems to know exactly what you were just speaking about – the fact that our smartphones are listening to our every word and relaying those conversations to advertisers has long been fact.  There are much more sinister algorithms at work in our modern day.

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Google, Facebook, and Amazon seem to be leading the way in this invasive technological race, given the integration of their devices and platforms into our everyday routine providing these companies with the perfect cover for appropriating your personality and habits in order to better target you for advertising…or worse.

Now, a recently uncovered patent from Google belies an even more sinister invasion of our home lives, and your kids could very well become the company’s next target.

“Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed a September 2016 patent in which Google imagines how it can ‘take control of your parenting, your relationship with your children’.

“In one example, Google plans to track if children are attempting to interact with their parent’s liquor cabinet and infer if ‘mischief’ is taking place, before issuing a verbal warning to the child through the system’s speaker.

“In another example, a hypothetical child called Benjamin is under 24/7 surveillance by Google’s cameras, whether he is using electronics or playing outside.

“The system would aim to ‘coach’ families on ‘areas of improvement,’ and scold them if they are not spending enough time eating together.”

Now, this sort of digital assistant may seem like a handy possibility for the modern parent on the go, but we are forgetting perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle:  Google has refused to maintain any semblance of social, cultural, or political neutrality.

The company as a whole has eschewed any semblance of impartiality over the course of the last few years, openly pushing a widely liberal world view through their online search engine and a hefty dose of censorship.  Understanding this reality, would anyone in their right mind allow Google in hold sway over the next generation of Americans?

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