Google Begins Contemplating Weather Manipulation in ‘Hood of the Future

Just days after Hollywood came to terms with another massive flop in Geostorm, a movie about weather manipulation, Google announced their latest foray into non-internet science.

For decades, weather manipulation has been a hot button topic of conspiracy theorists and doomsday preppers.  The idea that our government would willingly work to make storms such as Hurricane Katrina stronger for the nefarious purposes that only the Illuminati understand is ludicrous on its face, but geo-engineering has its origins in reality.

The idea of weather manipulation truly began in the 1940’s with the concept of “cloud seeding”.  In the practice, overhead clouds were bombarded with specifically charged particles in order to adjust the precipitation that would later fall from that cloud, both in magnitude and in variety.  Today, the technology has gone global, with China maintaining one of the world’s most advanced systems to help produce rainfall for arid regions.  In the United States, we’ve harnessed this version of playing God in order to assure that ski resorts get enough snow to stay open during the winter.

Now, Google wants a piece of the wacky-weather pie, and they are looking to implement this technology in their “neighborhood of the future”.

“Google is set to build a ‘new kind’ of high-tech neighbourhood that will be unlike anywhere else in the world.

“The company has revealed radical plans for the town, which will be called Quayside.

“It will feature flexible buildings that can be completely reconfigured at speed, and Google will even attempt to ‘mitigate’ the weather, to encourage people to spend more time outside.

“’Innovative urban design, new lightweight materials, and better weather prediction capabilities make it more feasible than ever before to manage the outdoor experience without turning public spaces into indoor winter gardens,’ it says in its plans.

“’Awnings that block rain, physical structures that block wind during the winter but not during the summer, and sun shades can all add significantly to the daytime and evening hours when the experienced temperature feels comfortable to most people.’”

Is the world ready for a completely aseptic version of the world around us, or is Google going too far in their plans to sterilize the experience of life on Planet Earth?

While this “neighborhood of the future” is likely years, if not decades away, Google’s interest in weather manipulation is a key component to the concerns of many global citizens.  A company of Google’s size, with their own biases and agenda, is perhaps a poor candidate for unregulated control over natural resources such as rain, snow, or heat.

In many ways, Google’s plans are no different than those of companies such as Nestle, who have exploited a lack of resource regulation to steal entire towns’ water supplies to be bottled, and then sold back to the arid masses at a premium.



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