Good move Tebow! The NFL is Full of Idiots

I’m glad Tebow joined the Mets and stopped pursuing  the NFL.

Tebow finally realized that the NFL was hopeless. Glad he chose the New York Mets.  Baseball is not perfect, but at least it’s drama free. Unfortunately, the NFL has too much of a media spotlight. All games are televised in prime  time unlike baseball. Because the NFL sports media continually stirs the pot, it serves as a big distraction. Consequently, Tebow’s choice of baseball doesn’t have as much of a media glare as the NFL. The NFL is infiltrated with complete idiots. It all starts with the awful culture that Roger Goodell has created.  It’s a culture that caves to every liberal media demand that is given.  The sports media is infiltrated with liberals. Goodell wants to play nice with the liberal sports media.  When the liberal sports media howls long enough, Roger Goodell answers their call with bells on.

Rush Limbaugh wants to purchase an NFL team.  Media complains long and hard enough.  Conservative talk show not allowed to get team. Media wins. We saw the same treatment with Tom Clancy when he was alive trying to purchase a team. The left wing sports media creates victim mentalities with minorities.  Anytime a minority player is in trouble with the law regardless if it’s rape, assault or murder, the NFL stands by them. Nobody gets fired. The NFL has allowed the inmates to run the asylum. Coaches are mere babysitters.

The marxist media has been able to completely manipulate and bend the NFL to its will by their Alinsky tactics.

The major class action lawsuit against the NFL in regard to head injuries was a media creation. When the NFL payed up big time with this lawsuit, it opened the door for the media to demand the NFL to do their bidding. Players saw the NFL as soft when the the head injury lawsuit was settled. If a player thinks he will be cut because he sucks as an athlete, they can just protest the national anthem or say they are gay. They know the media will create enough heat. After this heat is created, the NFL won’t touch them.  Fear and manipulation are their weapons. Marxist media types will cave to it each and every time.

There’s a reason Nick Saban prefers Alabama over more money in the NFL. It’s the same reason Tebow chose the Mets.

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If the greatest coach in the country can’t control these idiots, nobody can.

The Saban era in Miami, I’ve been told by players (and I agree with them), is one of the first moments in league history—if not the first—when players began to rebel against harsher coaching techniques. A coach can get away with screaming and yelling at players if the team wins. If it loses (Saban went 15-17), players won’t tolerate it. The Saban situation at Miami was one of the first times players said, Um, no dude. You’re not Bill Walsh. We’re not going to put up with your crap.

NFL players treated like spoiled rotten children are going to behave like idiots. The coaches can’t control them. Nick Saban is starting to break Bear Bryant records in college football which is unheard of. Even the strongest coach in the NFL can’t control these spoiled children. If Saban can’t control them, who can? It just shows you what a hostile environment the NFL is when it comes to discipline and doing what’s right.

Because there’s no order and no moral compass in the NFL, players are abusing the media spotlight.

The latest incident is Colin Kaepernick protesting the national anthem. Now you have the entire Seattle Seahawks team doing the same thing. These complete fools are doing this because nobody is stopping them. In addition, there’s no coach coming down on these spoiled children like a ton of bricks. Roger Goodell isn’t going to do a thing about it. Why would he? He’s been letting violent felons in the NFL get away with it for years. There’s no suspensions. These foolish players are going to stay in the spotlight because the media is giving them the spotlight.

Tim Tebow is a light in darkness and darkness hates light.

You can complain all you want that Tebow wasn’t a good enough quarterback for the NFL.  In reality, that’s kind of an irrelevant statement. Especially, when you have many mediocre quarterbacks in the NFL that have been paid millions for years. You really can’t hold Tebow to that kind of standard. For what it’s worth,  you don’t win a Heisman and win the National Championship in the toughest conference in the nation by being mediocre. The kind of positive press Tebow generates is hated by the NFL. Jesus has no place in the NFL. If you do have Jesus, you better be very quiet about it. Especially when you have sexual predators, violent felons and rapists wanting their sins validated and celebrated. The NFL is way too stupid for the likes of Tim Tebow.

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