Is It a Good Idea for Ted Cruz to Speak at the GOP Convention?

Donald Trump invited Ted Cruz to speak at the Republican convention, even though he still refuses to endorse him.

Below is a discussion of the news that Ted Cruz will speak in Cleveland at the Republican Convention. While neocon Charles Krauthammer hates Donald Trump, the discussion does point to some real problems with this arrangement.

Megyn Kelly and Krauthammer left out one fact from their discussion that I think is the most important:

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Ted Cruz never promised to speak at the convention at the invitation of the winning candidate, but he did promise to endorse him.

Cruz is breaking his word and giving some aid and comfort to the #NeverTrump campaign for Hillary Clinton.

If Cruz had won and Trump was withholding his endorsement, Fox News and the rest of the mainstream media would be hammering on the issue. They would say that Trump was breaking his pledge and that it proves his lack of integrity.

But somehow Ted Cruz gets a pass.

What is strange is that an endorsement would be easier than a convention speech. An endorsement need only acknowledge that Trump won and that Trump is the best candidate. Cruz would only have to walk back his preposterous certainty that Trump would break all his promises and betray his followers.

Cruz won’t endorse Trump but has agreed to a job that entails being his cheerleader. I don’t see how that can end well.

(By the way, since they showed a clip of Cruz accusing Trump of attacking his wife, I want to remind readers that there is more to that story.)

Kelly also discussed the issue with Trump cheerleader Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee points out the same issues. His advice that candidates should not say things in the primary that will undercut them later should be applied to Donald Trump as well as Cruz. After all, why should Trump want “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” to speak for him?

While I think Trump’s nickname for Cruz was exaggerated, that is also a real question. When Ted Cruz speaks at the convention on live TV as a non-endorser of Donald Trump, what is he going to say? He is able to say anything he wants to at that point.

If Ted Cruz wants to be a #NeverTrump party crasher, who can stop him?

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