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“We’re All Gonna Drown!” — The Myth of Global Warming

Note:  The following is a 550 word excerpt from “Vapor Tiger” by Adrian Vance, on sale at for $2.99 in Kindle format.  Amazon gives a free Kindle reader app for your computer.  This is a case in point as we are seeing more nonsense about the effects of ice melting due to man-caused climate change. 

The truth is simple:

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“In May of 2014 the respected science journal “Nature,” the “Washington Post” and the “Daily Beast” all reported that an Antarctic glacier melting would lift sea levels four feet.  That did not seem right and a few minutes with the back of an envelope and pen we confirmed this was nonsense.

Earth has an 8,000 mile diameter thus a surface area of 201 million square miles by A = 4 pi r^2. Earth is 71% covered by oceans with average depth of 12,232 feet, 2.31 miles, thus 143 million mi^2 times 2.31 for 330 million cubic miles of seawater.

To determine the effect of melting glaciers we only need to know the average depth of the oceans and with the depth we can determine the amount of seawater per foot.  Adding that amount of water raises the seas one foot.

The authorities and geography literature say the seas have an average depth of 12,232 feet. Thus, for every foot of depth there are 62,536 cubic miles of sea water and it will take that much water to raise the seas one foot.

According to NASA the glacier they claim will raise the sea level four feet has an area of 255 square miles and it is one-third mile deep.  This gives 84 cubic miles of ice, but ice loses 10% of its volume on melting so it is 75.6 cubic miles of water. Therefore, the change in depth would be:

75.6/62,536 = 0.00121 ft or 0.0145 inch

This is about the thickness of a human hair.  But all the “greens,” and panic pushers, claim we are going to melt all the ice on Earth.  Geophysicists say they cannot imagine a circumstance where all the ice on Antarctica will ever melt as it is in the dark six months of the year and unlike the Arctic, the ice is on a continent, not in a sea thus cannot gain heat from ocean currents.  It is high, dry and cold.

Ice melting in the Arctic ocean has no effect on sea level as it is floating and like an ice cube in a glass, melts with no effect on the water level.  It is already displacing water to the same volume it will have when melted.  It is floating because ice is 10% lighter than water.  The only ice we can melt and contribute to raising the seas is that on Greenland and in the glaciers.

The America Geophysical Society says the increase will be about 17 inches which is in good agreement with my work.  

The US Geological Survey claims the seas would rise 217 feet if all ice melted but they include both poles and where the South Pole is in darkness six months of the year  AGS geophysicists say that is not possible.

The Third UN IPCC report claimed sea levels would rise 24 feet, but don’t publish their methodology.  We suspect there was none.  This appears to be more of their “arm chair science” and the embarrassment does not end there. 

This is a problem that would take a well taught junior high school science club 15 or 20 minutes.  Today it is doubtful our college science majors could do it as science education has become environmental indoctrination. It is the greatest tragedy of our time.  Science sold out for money.”

If you think our indictment of contemporary science education at the college level is not valid, be aware that for eight years the physical science students of Stanford University were required to listen to a five to 15 minute presentation on environmentalism or politically corrected science at the beginning of every chemistry or physics lecture.  Not to be outdone, Berkeley adopted this regimen three years ago and now UC Regent former Arizona Governor and member of the Obama Administration Janet Napolitano wants to shut down the Berkeley Chemistry Department and open a LGBT Studies Department in their facilities.  This is yet another example of the insanity that has become California.

The above exposition of estimating sea level change is typical of much, if not all of the science involved in “global warming” or “climate change.”  None of this is beyond the understanding of anyone who has graduated from high school and had the normal preparation in science and math.  The people who want to make it a mystery are those that are defrauded the American people for billions of Dollars and per the editors of Forbes Magazine, have done trillions of Dollars of damage to our economy with false science telling us “We’re all gonna drown!”


Adrian Vance

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