Goldman Sachs Bans Donations to the Trump Campaign

While Goldman Sachs bans a lot of political donations, they still allow their partners to donate to Hillary Clinton.

The corrupt conglomerate Goldman Sachs bans its partners from supporting certain candidates by imposing certain rules that “just happen” to bar the Trump-Pence ticket from receiving donations, but not the Hillary campaign.

According to CNBC:

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The policy change is meant to prevent employees from violating pay-to-play rules and to minimize damage to the firm’s reputation from any potential violations. Pay-to-play schemes involve campaign contributions or other payments made by investment advisers to state and local government officials in an attempt to influence the awarding of lucrative public contracts, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Goldman Sachs was not immediately available for comment when contacted by CNBC.

The penalty for failing to comply with this rule can include fines and a temporary ban on the firm from conducting business with governmental clients, Politico reported.

The email cited by Politico does not mention Trump’s name but the business magazine Fortune said it had obtained a copy of the memo in which Goldman specifically mentions the Trump-Pence campaign as one partners cannot support any longer.

I don’t know why Goldman Sachs is worried about their reputation. We all already know that they’re evil. It is amazing that they are saying they want to avoid the appearance of pay-to-play while obviously supporting one candidate over another. They weren’t worried about it when they and other Wall Street firms paid Hillary Clinton $21 million in “speaking fees” over the years.

Why would Goldman Sachs so openly show their preference for Hillary?

The race is tightening. The kind of people who work with Goldman Sachs probably usually support opposing candidates to make sure that they are treated favorably by whoever wins. By virtue of pulling ahead, Trump may get more donations.

The decision makers at Goldman Sachs don’t want that to happen. This is a desperate move that broadcasts which candidate they own.

It isn’t Donald Trump.

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