Donald Trump

God Loves Us and Donald Trump loves America

I’ve recently done a study on God’s relationship with us.

The words that stuck out to me were that God “values” us and that we’re “important” to Him and that He “loves” us.

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The proof of these things is what Jesus went through on our behalf. And that was necessary because of God’s standard of perfection, which humans failed in this life but is what is necessary in the next life. So God was willing to suffer and sacrifice because of His commitment to such a high standard. It’s a wonderful and incredible thing to meditate on the fact that the almighty creator of the Universe loves us and even cares about us and values us as important. Kind of like having a super successful and mature father in real life who loves us.

That brings me to the realization that Donald Trump loves America.

The proof is, like God, he thinks about America all the time, and is willing to sacrifice a great multi-billionaire life for America. And, like God, he is willing to deal with the unbelievable amount of negativity that emanates from liberals and democrats.

If you want proof (including scientific proof) that God exists and the Bible is all true, go to

Dennis Marcellino

Dennis’s purpose is to show that the culture is very off in many ways and people are suffering as a result … whereas the Bible is provably the perfect standard for truth and solving the problems in the culture and individual lives. He is available for interview. His media kit can be seen at and Dennis's books and DVDs can be found at

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