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Globalist Pope Sends Nasty Message to Donald Trump During Visit

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President Donald Trump’s first international trip has been a rousing success, by almost all measures, but there was plenty of friction as POTUS and Pope Francis rendezvoused.

By now, photos from the meeting of some of the world’s most powerful men have certainly invaded your social media newsfeed.  One particular poorly-timed photograph in particular is making the rounds in which Pope Francis seems genuinely annoyed being lined up next to President Trump, the First Lady, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.  Many liberals have taken to Twitter and Facebook to share this photo as proof positive that the Pope is no fan of Trump, in their continued attacks against the current U.S. administration.

While it would normally surprise us to see a man such as his Holiness stoop to such a pedantic level to insult a U.S. President, what the Pope did next may lend some validity to the idea that he is no fan of The Donald.

“The pope, by turns dour and smiling, welcomed a more effusive president to the seat of a religion that claims more than 70 million followers in the United States. The two stuck mainly to protocol, avoiding a public reprise of the barbs they aimed at each other during Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign or the pope’s thinly veiled critiques of Mr. Trump as a symbol of a dangerously reinvigorated nationalism.

“But there appeared to be a message in the gifts the pope gave to his guest. They included a copy of his influential essay on the importance of saving the environment, a rebuke to the climate change skepticism espoused by Mr. Trump. Francis also presented him with a medallion engraved with the image of an olive tree — ‘a symbol of peace,’ he explained.

“Francis replied, ‘It is with all hope that you may become an olive tree to make peace.’

“As he bade the pope farewell, Mr. Trump told him, ‘I won’t forget what you said.’”

President Trump has been hard at work on a U.S. budget in recent weeks that would help cut governmental costs by billions of dollars, with major cuts coming in the form of downsizing the Environmental Protection Agency; a move that has severely irked a great deal of globalist democrats.  The EPA has been the left’s weapon of choice in their battle to spread the global warming hoax, and thusly, unite the planet under some form of global government.  Sovereignty experts have argued that such a move could be detrimental to individual human rights, and open the door for large corporations to exploit lax anti-trust laws in less civilized nations that the U.S.  This could, of course, further degrade the American middle class that has already suffered greatly under 8 years’ worth of former President Barack Obama’s globalist agenda.

While the meeting between Trump and Pope Francis certainly had the potential for a minor showdown, the pedantic and petty actions by the pontiff are surprising to say the least.

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