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Globalist George Soros Sends Influx of Cash to Failing Fake News-Paper

There are universal truths about our 24 hour news cycle that some on the left just refuse to accept, no matter how many times these sort of things are explained to them in excruciating detail.

A great deal of this flummoxing comes to them from within the deep, dank bowels of their own fake news media.  You see, the mainstream itself is almost exclusively built around the idea that the progressive mindset will win out in the end.  There are several underlying reasons, but, at its most basic, the progressive mainstream media is beholden to their slew of advertising clients for revenue.  This means that every penny earned by these networks starts life in the wallet of a manufacturer’s marketing team, who invariably won’t allow the world to “settle”.  You always need the newest, nicest, and most nuanced version of everything.  From sponges to sports cars, nothing is ever good enough.  You require constant progression to stay on top of your world.

So, these advertisers have a genuine stake in keeping you on your toes, and searching for what’s next.  Why would they let the media that they finance attempt to sway you any other way?

At their very highest level, these progressive minded advertisers are almost always leaning to the globalist ethos as well, as it’s much simpler to install your own Machiavellian mechanisms when you consolidate the number of palms that you need to grease.

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When these worlds collide, we see some of the uglier parts of our information industry, including the sudden prevalence of “fake news”.  That is precisely why the latest news from The Big Apple is so disturbing.

Liberal billionaire George Soros purchased $3 million worth of stock holdings in the publisher of the New York Times, filings show.

Soros’s stock buy included 126,400 shares in the New York Times Company through Soros Fund Management LLC, the billionaire’s New York City-based investment firm. The shares were valued at $3,046,000 at the time of purchase and are shown in a May 15 filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Soros’s investment in the Times was for Class A stock holdings, which are publicly traded, as opposed to its Class B stock, which are privately held.

The acknowledgment of the purchase in the mid-May filings from Soros Fund Management appears to be the first time that Soros has invested in the New York Times Company in more than ten years. Soros’s fund last reported shares in the company on its 2007 year-end report to the SEC, according to a review of the fund’s quarterly reports.

Soros Fund Management is the vehicle used by the financier to purchase and sell various company holdings. The Times recently reported that Soros is a partial owner of Justify, the racehorse who won the Triple Crown, through his fund.

Soros already has his fingerprints all over the planet, as the de facto face of the “illuminati”, the “powers that be”, or whatever ancient, evil, fraternal organization you curse at when you’re in a “damn the man” sort of mood.

Soros’ purchase may even stave off the executioner for the New York Times, at least for the immediate future.

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