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Global Warming Hoaxers Thwarted Again, This Time By A Volcano

Despite the ups and downs that have been facing the globalist left this year, they continue to cling to their wild global warming hoax as some sort of unifying battle cry.

No matter the evidence presented, or the science involved, the left side of global politics continues to push the insane idea that manmade pollution is somehow going to kill us all in the next few decades.  What began as a get-rich-quick scheme for Carbon Credits godfather Al Gore has turned into a global charade the likes of which the modern world has never seen.

Even in the face of an incredible mountain of evidence to the contrary, these leftist shills continue to push their lopsided worldview.  Perhaps a volcano of evidence to the contrary will work…

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“Ancient underground streams of heated rock, called a mantle plume, might be an explanation for the instability of Antarctica’s western ice sheet, according to a new NASA study.

“Scientists have been debating whether or not mantle plume heat contributes to western Antarctica’s instability. Some recent studies provided evidence this might be the case, but even this study’s authors were skeptical.

“’I thought it was crazy,’ Hélène Seroussi, the study’s co-author and scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said in a release.

“’I didn’t see how we could have that amount of heat and still have ice on top of it,’ Seroussi said in a statement.

“NASA says Seroussi’s study provides more evidence of geothermal activity underneath a portion of the world’s largest ice sheet.

“Scientists tend to worry more about future global warming’s effect on Antarctic ice sheet. NASA glaciologist Eric Rignot said western ice sheet collapse is ‘unstoppable’ and could dramatically raise sea levels.”

This “unstoppable” collapse has long been linked to manmade global warming by the globalist left’s cadre of in-pocket scientists, who have produced an inordinate amount of climate change propaganda in the interim.

While this is yet another massive chink in the armor of the climate change hoaxers, we mustn’t allow this information to be swept under the rug by their leftist allies in politics who have long been dependent upon the myth of manmade global warming to drum up support for their anti-sovereignty agenda.


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