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Global Warming Hoaxers Flummoxed by Record Snowfall in Pennsylvania

When it comes to bizarre theories that the lunatic left just cannot seem to let go of, global warming tops the proverbial list.

The idea is simple:  Humans and their greenhouse gasses are apparently ruining the entire planet’s ecosystem by heating up the globe and melting polar ice.  And while there is plenty of excellent literature available from a number of scientific sources refuting these bizarre claims, there are two simple facts that can guide you through this leftist garbage:

  1.  When enormous pieces of arctic ice break off and enter the oceans of the world, the ocean temperatures don’t continue to rise at absurd rates.  You can try this at home with a stiff drink and an ice cube…which coincidentally will come in handy should you find yourself in a debate with a liberal on the subject.
  2. Earth has existed for 4.5 billion years before the advent of greenhouse gas pollution just a few centuries ago, making the doom and gloom predictions of a 2° increase in temperature fatally flawing the entire space-hurtling rock seem patently absurd.

Theses rudimentary observations are merely the tip of the iceberg, (sorry for the phrasing), in terms of actual climate science – something that the global warming hoaxers are terrified of admitting.

Now, as the planet continues to slide toward a mini ice age, (thanks to something called The Maunder Minimum), these farcical pseudoscientific ignoramuses are finding themselves a bit perplexed as to they their Soros-backed, shamanistic propaganda isn’t coming true.

“The good news for many in the Northeast and Midwest was that it was a white Christmas. The bad news was that a blizzard swept into parts of New England and bitter cold enveloped much of the Midwest.

“Erie, Pa., recieved a record 34 inches of snow.

“And another 19 inches fell before dawn Tuesday, bringing the total to 53 inches — the greatest two-day total in commonwealth history. The previous record was the 44 inches that fell in Morgantown in March 1958.

“And it’s not over for Erie – the snow is expected to continue falling through Wednesday. The city of Erie issued a snow emergency, citing ‘dangerous and impassable’ roads, and asked residents to stay off city streets until the snow stops and roads can reopen.”

On top of this, there are early predictions of yet another Deep South freeze taking place in states such as Georgia and South Carolina as early as this weekend.

For those still subscribed to the nonsensical ramblings of Al Gore and his democratic dunces, the time is nigh for a climate awakening – but it’s not the revelation that they’ve been hoping for that’s on the horizon.

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