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Global Warming Hoax: Skiing Squaw Valley on The 4th of July

The American political left has been stuck in quite a rut this year, given the results of the 2016 presidential election.

In truth, the liberals have been absolutely raging for the past several months.  The overwhelming electoral victory by Donald Trump over the left’s presumptive President, career criminal Hillary Clinton, combined with the slow implosion of the democratic party itself, has sent the blood pressure in blue states through the roof.  It seems that every little thing is going in the opposite direction than they would choose, and the weather is apparently no different.

One of the most overused weapons of legislative liberals has been the doom and gloom predictions of their global warming hoaxers.  The misrepresentations of science that the left has been able to procure from the “Bill Nye” crowd are astounding examples of globalist propaganda, and have been used to terrorize the American people.  Just this week, Stephen Hawking made the absurd claim that Donald Trump’s environmental policies will cause the surface temperature of the earth to hit 250 degrees and sulphuric acid to rain down from the heavens.  Yes, really.

With that hellish landscape to look forward to, I guess it’s good that the folks of Squaw Valley, California are getting their skiing done…on the Fourth of July.

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“Thousands of excited snowboarders and skiers took advantage of the snow in Squaw Valley over the holiday weekend, as slopes remained open thanks to the huge snowfall this year.

“The warm weather, paired with ‘corn snow’ —  the snow consistency that is the more desirable pellet-type favored for beginners — made for a great atmosphere as people took to the slopes.

“‘The snow is very soft and forgiving, so it’s great for beginners and intermediates,’ said Sam Kieckhefer, spokesman for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. ‘You’re coming out in a t-shirt and shorts, and it’s warm — you don’t have to worry about getting cold.’

“The temperatures guaranteed some fun people watching as droves of people arriving at Squaw Valley ditched the normal winter snow attire and not only brought out the shorts, but a variety of whacky outfits.”

California has experienced some of the most incredible winter conditions for skiers and snowboarders in several decades during this prolonged 2016-2017 season.

While the left’s first response to stories like this is the canned response “it’s climate change, not global warming and it creates unusual weather patterns”, they are simply ignoring the well-researched impact of the sun on our planet.  Our nearest star emits radiation in decades-long cycles of activity.  When activity is up, which it is now, our planet experiences a warming trend.  According to centuries of data, the sun will literally chill out in the next 14 years or so, and enter a period called the “Maunder Minimum” in which a mini ice age could possibly occur.

Maybe in 10 years we’ll be skiing on Labor Day.

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