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Global Warming Hoax Exposed Again as Montana Grapples With…

When attempting to debunk the global warming hoax, one question that often comes up is “why would this be a political fight?”.  The reason is simple.

In order to push an agenda of rapid globalization the way that worldwide liberals would like, there needs to be a common enemy for the people of this planet to fight against together.  Terrorism, (in the leftist sense, not the “radical Islamic” sense), was a good start.  You have an entire planet of human beings witnessing the atrocities committed by a relative few, and suddenly your national and ethnic allegiances fade away.

But terror can be stopped, leaving the globalists back at the drawing board.

Imminent natural disasters, however, have a way of grabbing the attention of the world and uniting its people in an effort to prevent mass calamity.  Global warming hoaxers have long been manipulating data and reality in order to create this monster on the horizon in hopes of uniting the world against it.  For a good long time, that plan seemed to be working.

Now, as chilly weather records continue to be broken, these liberal science-deniers are being forced to realize that their magical 2 degrees of warming is not coming to help them push a globalist agenda.

“The first blizzard of the season has resulted in widespread power outages and downed trees in parts of Montana. Treacherous travel conditions and additional power outages are possible through Tuesday, as this early-season snowstorm continues to sweep through the Rockies.

“Unlike the snow the Rockies experienced in September, this storm is having a greater impact since valley locations are also being affected, in addition to typical mountain areas.

“Havre, Montana, has seen 14.8 inches of heavy, wet snow as of late Monday night, which would set a new record for highest snow total in October there if verified. The previous record was 8.6 inches, which fell on Oct. 4, 1914.

“Many large tree branches are down, and all of Havre was without power the Hill County Sheriff reported around 10 p.m. Monday.”

Of course, this is where the global warming hoaxers turn to the “climate change” guys and ask them to remind us about their “extreme weather” theory.

This is, in and of itself, a “covering the bases” tactic used by conspiracy theorists to backpedal during arguments.  By claiming that “global warming” or “climate change” causes weather to be more severe, (than something), the hoaxers are guaranteed to be correct…at least by someone’s measure.

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