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More Global Warming Data Proven Hoaxed, This Time in Australia

One of the left’s favorite ploys for globalism is the doom and gloom predictions of the global warming hoaxers.

Day after day, we are inundated with dire predictions of just what will happen when the earth’s temperate rises a mere two degrees.  Mass catastrophe is one such scenario, in which cities such as New York and Miami will surely cease to exist due to their proximity to the sea, all due to melting ice at the poles.

For decades, this liberal scheme to push a globalist agenda has been exposed by members of the free press looking to maintain the sovereignty of the world’s nations.  Climate change pushers such as Al Gore have made millions on the fear mongering fairy tales, creating products designed to exploit the eco-guilt of the millionaire class.

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Now a new study out of Australia proves once again that the entire scheme is nothing more than an elaborate hoax in which a number of previously well-regarded scientists have manipulated data in order to bolster their leftist compatriots’ wishes.

“The Daily Caller reports that for the second time in a just a few years the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) in Australia has been caught red-handed tampering with climate temperatures as a means to make a ‘slight cooling trend to one of ‘dramatic warming’ over the past century.’

“Back in August of 2014 the Australian BOM claimed that there was no bad faith behind the decision to ‘modify the physical temperature records that had been recorded at weather stations across the country.’ Nevertheless, the effect, according to Dr. Jennifer Marohasy, who holds a PhD in biology, was a ‘dramatic change in temperature trend towards warming after homogenization.’

“‘Homogenization’ is the process that allows climate scientists to correct for anomalies in raw temperature data. How there can be anomalies in raw data is beyond me.

“This latest scandal is even more serious, one in which the BOM has been forced to admit that incorrect temperatures were logged. Naturally, the agency is blaming faulty equipment but Marhosasy is pushing back. According to the Daily Caller she told reporters that the BOM’s claims of faulty equipment ‘are nearly impossible to believe given that there are screen shots that show the very low temperatures before being “quality assured” out.'”

Data manipulation isn’t science, no matter how serious these scientists take themselves.

In reality, great minds in the climate sciences tend to agree that the world is far more likely to experience global climate change due to solar activity than it would due to man-made greenhouse gas emissions.  The latest estimates from these unmolested scientists predict that the world is possibly facing a mini ice age sometime in the next few decades due to a prolonged period of solar calm called the “Maunder Minimum”.


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