Global Warming

What Global Warming? This Country is Experiencing Record Breaking Cold!

We have had quite a hot summer down here in the South. I know, because I pay the electric bill.

But it’s obviously not like that everywhere else. Take New Zealand for example. Being that they’re in the Southern Hemisphere, they’re in their last month of winter. And they’re experiencing some record cold temperatures. From the New Zealand Herald:

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The bitter cold snap is set to smash a weather record that has stood for more than a century as an icy chill takes hold of the South Island.

Temperatures are set to plunge to a frigid minus 15C [5°F] across the South Island tonight – but it’s expected to be even colder overnight Saturday.

[…]Niwa forecaster Ben Noll said forecasters were keeping a close eye on Queenstown where it could reach one of the coldest temperatures since record keeping began 145 years ago.

“The coldest temperature for August is -7.8C and I can tell you they will be in the neighbourhood of that number,” he said.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in the popular resort town was -12.2C in 1995.

Noll said many southern centres now blanketed in snow could be in for an exceptionally cold night with the snow acting as a refrigerant, lowering the forecast temperature.

He said it was shaping up to be the coldest weekend of the winter.

New Zealand’s coldest temperature was -25.6°C recorded in Ranfurly in July 1903.

Liberals laugh and ridicule conservatives for bringing up unusually cold local weather as counter-evidence to manmade global warming. But liberals feel that it’s fair to bring up unusually warm local weather as evidence of manmade global warming. Just a few months ago, The Guardian reported that “unseasonably warm weather” in Australia was evidence of “dangerous climate change.”

Of course, they also use unusually cold local weather as “evidence” as well. If it’s hot, it’s because of global warming. If it’s cold, it’s because of global warming.


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