Global Warming

Global Cooling? Temps Lower Now Than When Gore Released His Propaganda

Al Gore has been swindling the entire leftist world over the course of the last two decades, and new data demonstrates just how farcical his crusade has become.

The global warming hoax refuses to die thanks to perpetuators such as Gore, who originally released “An Inconvenient Truth” as a long form infomercial for a “carbon credits” company that would make him millions.  A short time later, leftist kingmakers such as George Soros began to exploit the climate change agenda as a way to consolidate corruptible power around the world, furthering the impact of their globalist agenda.

Now, as true science continues to refute the skewed data of the left’s lunacy, a startling revelation has been made by the liberal hoaxers who have experience “global warming” in the post-Gore world.

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“Meteorologist Joe Bastardi explains: ‘Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize based on warnings of future events — the same future events that have not happened. The fact is that global temperatures from 2006-2007 while Gore was basking in the glory of his apocalypse-driven fame were warmer than they are now, and we are still falling off the Super El Niño peak. Additionally, much of the time in-between was lower than what it was in the run-up to “An Inconvenient Truth.”‘ Bastardi added: ‘Fact: Without monkeying around and “finding” warming, temps have changed very little during 20 year AGW hysteria period.’

“Bastardi explained: ‘I am glad Al Gore has his new movie out. It reminded me of Irena Sendler, who he beat out for the Nobel Prize. Because it gave me a chance to write on someone whose story should be known and once again expose someone who has gotten rich off something that can’t hold a candle to the bravery of people in the era that Irena Sendler exemplified…Just what did she do? From this link: ‘Irena Sendlerowa was a Polish woman who, along with her underground network, rescued 2,500 Jewish children in Poland during World War II. Many of this number were already outside of the Ghetto and in hiding.'”

While Bastardi seems certainly perturbed with Gore on a personal level, his attacks on faulty climate data may be the more salient point here.

Global warming hoaxers have long been manipulating reality when it comes to so-called “evidence” of climate change.  Their half truths and lies of omission have contributed to a wildly askew world view designed only to contribute to the left, politically, while doing very little for the actual environment.

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