Glenn Beck: I’d Rather Bernie Sanders be President Than Donald Trump

In his weekend speech endorsing Republican presidential candidate [score]Ted Cruz[/score], conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck said that he prefers Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz’s primary opponent.

During his speech in Iowa, Glenn Beck gave Ted Cruz a compass that apparently belonged to President George Washington, saying that he’d like Ted Cruz to “hold onto that to make sure your compass is square and you stay true” to your values.

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Later in his speech before an Iowa audience, Glenn Beck reiterated his disdain for Donald Trump. The Hill reported:

Beck said he had never endorsed a presidential candidate in his 40 years of broadcasting, but he made an exception because of the urgency of the moment.


He said he even prefers Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” running in the Democratic presidential primary, to Trump.

“Honestly, faith and truth are basic requirements. And quite honestly, I have to tell you, this probably isn’t going to go over very well, that’s why I like Bernie Sanders,” he said. “Bernie Sanders is like, ‘Yep, I’m a socialist.’

“I can actually sit at a table with a man who says, ‘Yes, I’m a socialist, and yes, I don’t like what we are doing, we should be more like Denmark,’” he added.

Donald Trump’s candidacy has elicited mixed reactions from those identifying as conservatives, to say the least. While many appreciate Donald Trump’s “outsiderness,” candor, and willingness to say what’s on his mind, others don’t trust him to be what they consider a “true conservative.”

Glenn Beck isn’t the only prominent figure to endorse Ted Cruz. Former Texas Governor and Republican presidential contender Rick Perry also threw his support behind the Texas Senator. In an interview with Politico, Rick Perry said, “Of those individuals who have a chance to win the Republican primary, at this juncture, from my perspective, Ted Cruz is by far the most consistent conservative in the that crowd.”

While each candidate’s respective supporters see a chasm of differences between the two in terms of policy opinions and principles, what Ted Cruz and Donald Trump do share is disdain from the “establishment.” Bernie Sanders had accused his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton of being a part of the “establishment.” In response, Hillary Clinton said, “I just don’t understand what that means.”

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