Glenn Beck Explains His Vote and Reaches Out to Those Who Disagree

In a social media post earlier this week, conservative pundit Glenn Beck finally attempted to patch up some previously broken bridges in the GOP voting community. Beck has been a vocal supporter of Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) and a similarly vocal opponent of Donald Trump (and of Hillary Clinton). That strident opposition to a Trump presidency has caused havoc throughout the party as conservatives choose sides, with some lining up behind Beck and others against him. In fact, Beck could be considered the face of the conservative wing of the #NeverTrump (with only Ben Shapiro or Erick Erickson competing with him for the spot) movement.

Now it seems that Beck may be attempting to mend fences and assuage hurt feelings. Here’s what he had to say:

A frank discussion about my vote and my opinion.

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IF you are actually a fan, not a stooge, GOPbot or a Russian posing as a conservative,but rather someone, like the millions voting differently than I am, who are good Americans and have wrestled with this election, let me write to you in hopes that we can actually see and hear one another.

I do NOT expect to change your mind but rather hope you will understand why I am doing what I feel I must.

  1. I do not hold anything against anyone who votes a
    Different way than I am voting – which by the way, I don’t know yet.
    2. You have always listened to me because I tell you what I BELIEVE is happening and is coming.
    3. Many times I am wrong, many times I am right. When I am right it is devastating. I don’t need to list them here if you are truly a fan. But there is a pattern.
    4. In 99 when I told my audience that OBL would hit NYC and there would be “blood bodies and buildings” in the streets” my audience said I was only trying to help The Democrats.
    5. When I said something was wrong in Iraq and we were not fighting to win, my audience said I was only trying to help the democrats.
    6. When I warned about a market collapse all through out 2006-2008, I was told I was just helping the Democrats.
    7. When in the fall of 07, I wanted against MCCain as “come next fall, the economy will be all people will be talking about, forget the war”, I was was crazy (always this charge – oh and that I ‘sold out’ or that I am ‘drinking’) and going to get Obama elected.
    8. When I warned about the caliphate, I was told everyday by fox to shut up about it and Israel because I was wrong and looked crazy. 

I said it everyday till the day I left.
There are many other things I have been called names for or worse. There is a reason I have twenty four hour security.
But one controversy that everyone seems to forget is that I did several shows about what “could happen” if the right didn’t understand how easy we could be played IF THEY:

a) could wear us out
b) could make us feel beaten with no way out
c) they pushed the pendulum too far left.

It is why I had the ADL I the Fox office all the time. The word Nazi. That history shows a strong man can and always does rise. Someone who will say “I will restore order”. Do you remember me warning of top down, bottom up and inside out?

I believe this is that moment.

Trump is that strong man.


What it does mean is that he has the potential and the earmarks of at least a South American strong man in the right conditions.

What are those conditions?

  1. No connection to the founding and constitution.
  2. War
  3. Domestic uprisings
  4. Terror
  5. Real economic hardship

IF the man who rises is a man who demands things his way or nothing, is a bully, surrounds himself with likeminded bullies (see the article where Bannon claims that he is a Leninist. See what HE says that means) and has a historic pull toward socialistic solutions (nationalizing banks, huge bail outs and protectionism), then the cause of concern should be our loudest

Sadly it is not.

I can only do what you have come to expect me to do. I can only do what I feel I am supposed to do.

I can only do as the Lord commands me to do. ‘If a watchman sees a threat and do not warn the people than the punishment is upon the watchman.’

I pray I am wrong. I have been in the past.

But I beg with those with eyes and ears to look and listen. Do not make it about Clinton. I know. I have railed about her for over twenty years. I am the one who exposed her running guns to what would become ISIS through Benghazi. But don’t let how dangerous she is or the false binary choice blind you to him.

If she wins, Yes, we are crippled by the Supreme Court and more Marxist structure. It is horrible and perhaps it is worse than even you believe. I see the grave potential of a new globalist structure. I don’t know how we get through it. But we survive.

How many of us didn’t think we would make it this far under Obama? We survived.

This is our Dunkirk moment.

But if I am right about him, it would take a coup or revolution to restore any freedom.

The world is heading toward a global war. Economic Collapse is a near certainty.

Domestic uprising is already happening and will continue to grow as anger and hate grows and is fueled by those in control. And we all know domestic terror isn’t coming, it is already here.

I cannot do anything else. I am trapped by my long held principles and convictions. I warned of this very thing. I told you that most would not see it. And that you, if you stayed strong and didn’t get swept up in the anger or cries of payback would be the country’s last line of defense.

So, what do I do? You damn me if I continue to warn. God Damns me if I don’t. It is the choice made by prisoner number 24601. I make the same choice he did knowing that the book is how it really ends not the play.

If I am wrong than I am the biggest fool and discredited by all. I won’t have any listeners left and I except that as a fair trade for my credibility and integrity.

Integrity has always come with a very high price. It is why most are unwilling to pay it.

But, as the old tee shirt says: “What if Glenn Beck is right?”

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