Glenn Beck Attacks Marco Rubio for Doing This [VIDEO]

On Fox News, Glen Beck attacks Marco Rubio because he has offered to speak at the Republican Convention.

In the video below, the segment in which Glenn Beck attacks [score]Marco Rubio[/score] runs from 2:51 to 5:05, though I think Beck seems to be rambling a bit off topic.

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Glenn Beck says that Marco Rubio cannot be trusted because he now is willing to endorse Donald Trump. Kelly chimes in that it means he lied before or he is lying now.

Why is Rubio’s decision being treated so uncharitably?

When Rubio spoke against Trump, it was still thought that there might be a brokered convention because Trump wouldn’t have enough delegates. But that didn’t happen. Trump won the required number of delegates.

Also, when Rubio spoke against Trump, it was in the context of a primary in which there were other Republican options. Now it is only Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Finally, Marco Rubio may have realized that some of his comments were mistaken. Is that a crime? Why does changing his mind have to mean that Rubio was lying?

Beck and Kelly also discuss Trump’s comments on the judge

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