“Give ‘em Hell, Ollie!” Col. Oliver North Slams Obama Claim that USA is “Stronger and More Respected” Today!

Oh. Boy.

If there’s one thing that President Obama should know, it’s to never upset a Marine, but that seems to be exactly what the soon to be ex-President has gone and done. President Obama recently remarked “Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than it was eight years ago.” That is complete nonsense and utter claptrap. You know it, he knows it, we know it, and the world knows it… but most importantly, retired Marine Col. Oliver North knows it. Col. North took to his Facebook page to utterly dismantle Obama’s ego and lay bear the truth — the Obama era has demolished the American image across the globe, not strengthened it.

From North’s Facebook Page:

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Obama says: “THE USA is stronger & more respected than 8 years ago”

On its face that statement is delusional.

Why didn’t any of the main stream media ask “where are we stronger or more respected?”

The utopian Obama-Clinton-Kerry foreign policy is an unmitigated disaster.

Our allies no longer trust us and our adversaries don’t respect us.
Russians thumb their noses at us all over Europe and the middle east.

When Moscow hacks, Obama says he told Putin “cut it out.”
Putin delivers high-tech SAMS to Iran and the U.S. complains at the UN

Russian aggression in Ukraine and threats to Baltics are met with empty hollow threats of “consequences.”

Chinese build armed bastions & airstrips off Philippine coast and O-team whines about “ecological consequences.”

Beijing orders “snatch and grab” of U.S. Navy unmanned submersible and Obama files a diplomatic protest.

In the Middle East, the legacy of the Obama admin is genocide, a horrific refugee diaspora and a complete destabilization of the Middle East.

When Obama made his grand apology tour, utopian Arab spring speech in Cairo in June 2009, Syria had 23m people.

Today 12m people have been displaced; 400k+ Killed in Action; and 1.6m wounded.

Syrian civil war, Obama bug-out from Iraq, rise of ISIS, the IS invasion of Iraq, Al-Baghdadi’s “caliphate,” the overthrow of Gadhafi, global spread of radical Islam to 38 countries – all because of the Obama administrations weakness & failure to lead.

In South Sudan and Yemen, millions more innocent civilians are being driven from their homes and left to die.

Clear now that Obama admin – right from the start – was prepared to do whatever necessary to get a nuke deal with Tehran.

Today: Russia and Iran are calling the shots in the middle east.
In NATO ally turkey, Tayep Erdogan is dealing with Moscow and Tehran and putting NATO’s southern flank and the US base at Incerlik at risk.

Iranians, with help from North Korea and the $1.4 b Obama gave the Ayatollahs, are building nuke weapons and means of delivering them.

Obama says “we couldn’t stop it.” That’s untrue. A real POTUS would have built consensus with moderate Sunnis in Egypt, Jordan, and the UAE to stop the civil war in Syria.

Would have required U.S. logistics support & advisors but not combat troops to thwart Russian & Iranian ambitions.

But O-team didn’t want to do anything to threaten Iran nuke deal and Putin’s support for it!

Four lessons for new administration:

  1. Cannot lead from behind
  2. No POTUS should tell adversaries what we won’t do.
  3. Diplomacy must be backed up by “force” [mil or econ] or it’s hollow.
  4. Peace thru strength still works

Closing comment: just to make sure new admin has some role models for real leadership.

Let me know what you think of this edition of North Points & if you agree, please pass them along to your friends.

Bonus attachment: Photo of “Yours Truly” taken last month while I was covering the fight for Mosul.

Please watch “War Stories,” Sunday night [8:00 PM EST] on FBN when you can see some REAL Leaders: Eisenhower, Churchill, & our Battle of the Bulge episodes.

Semper Fidelis,

Oliver North


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