Give the Devil His Due: Karl Rove Has Some Good Advice (along with His Usual Worthless Nonsense)

We all want to hate on him, but Karl Rove has some good advice for Donald Trump.

I’m kind of shocked and disappointed with myself that I’m admitting that Karl Rove has some good advice for Donald Trump, but sometimes people surprise you. When I saw the title of this video I thought I would hate it (I did hate parts of it). After all, Donald Trump’s strength has been the lack of a teleprompter. But note what Rove suggests: that Trump plan out what he is going to say:

I hate hearing this stuff from the architect of the Bush years, but I think the stuff about writing out what he wants to say makes sense.

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For the rest of it, Trump was wise not to make threats about Putin and Rove’s belligerent advice is just the usual neocon sabre rattling. If the Russians don’t get the message then Trump can up his game, but he may not need to.

Remember, Trump won (especially in South Carolina) by opposing the Bush legacy of aggression. Rove does not know what he is talking about.

And Rove’s defense of Congressional Republicans’ alleged accomplishments is ludicrous! Despite being given an amazing victory by Republican voters, including a majority in the Senate, Congress has done nothing but spend us deeper into debt, including fund Planned Parenthood.

This response is only to the video above. Karl Rove’s actual Wall Street Journal editorial is much worse.

No one has seen anything like this. Donald Trump—without past political or military experience and facing a formidable Republican field—bludgeoned 16 opponents into submission, rewrote the rule book and became the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee.

As extraordinary as this is, Mr. Trump’s success was achieved only by inflicting tremendous damage to the party. To win the general election in November, he must now unify a GOP with a deeper divide than it has faced in more than half a century.

The Party was damaged because it practiced deficit spending, a foreign policy that had nothing to do with the nation’s real interests, and backed transnational managed trade deals and controversial immigration policies that many oppose.

You brought it on yourself, Karl.

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