Newt Gingrich

Gingrich Mulls Mueller Move That Would Send Liberals Into Furious Fervor

The GOP in America is under fire this week from a number of figurative and literal sources, and now Newt Gingrich has identified yet another issue facing the republicans.

After President Donald Trump fired the incompetent James Comey from his position as Director of the FBI, the radical left became raucous and riotous.  The democrats immediately shouted “tyranny!” from the tops of their lungs, calling for the impeachment of the President himself over the personnel change.  You see, the left still believes in a ridiculous conspiracy theory concocted by Hillary Clinton and the democrats during the election of 2016 in which the Russian government actively worked to get Donald Trump elected.  Never mind the lack of evidence of such action, or the fact that 8 months later their numerous “investigations” have gotten them exactly nowhere; the left is still convinced.

Now, as Robert Mueller’s role as special counsel to the investigation looks to be turning into more of the same bureaucratic nonsense that Comey was part and parcel to, conservative politician Newt Gingrich has had enough.

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“’You know, if [Trump]’s not under investigation, why can’t [Rod] Rosenstein say it? Here we are back to where Comey was,’ Gingrich said to host Judge Jeanine. ‘Apparently, over and over again Trump is told privately you are not under investigation but nobody will officially admit it.’

“’To the degree that Comey’s involved, Mueller, in theory, should recuse himself,’ he argued. ‘The rules of justice are very simple. You cannot be investigating somebody you are a personal friend of. And that’s why this whole thing is so absurd… This whole thing is sick and we ought to understand how sick it is. If you look at who Mueller is hiring, it gets even sicker,’ Gingrich argued.”

Gingrich’s suggestion will certainly ruffle the feathers of the lunatic left who simply cannot let this cockamamy Russian theory go.

The “resistance” movement that has sprung up from the abysmal attitude of the leftists has permeated nearly all facets of our American culture these days, and yet another removal of an investigatory figure in this latest probe would certainly send the democratic operatives into a tizzy.  In fact, many are already foaming at the mouth to begin impeachment proceedings, and the the mere idea that Mueller could be ousted, either by himself or someone else, has a great many liberals smelling the blood in the water.

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