Gillette Takes Nike to The Woodshed With New Advertisement

Nike’s currency is controversy, and they cashed an enormous check just days ago with their Colin Kaepernick-centered advertising campaign.

Kaepernick, who many of us recall was a mediocre second-stringer at best, made a name for himself on the field in “other” ways.  His anthem-kneeling protests against the vagaries of “racial injustice” may very well be now leading the NFL into dark financial times.

Meanwhile, Nike seems to be cashing in on the divisive former athlete, as Nike is wont to do.

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Remember, folks; You’re supposed to be outraged…that’s how Nike stays “relevant” to the younger generation.  It is our collective anger that drove their sales spike last week, as misguided millennials and “I’m With Her” harems flocked to the local Foot Locker to pledge their allegiance to the company’s self-credited “counter culture” roots.  They’re playing generations against one another with manufactured outrage and moving the goalposts on “what’s cool” in order to pick up the millions of dollars they need to pay their sweatshop work force $0.20 per hour making $200 pairs of shoes.

Well, Gillette just wasn’t going to let that stand.

But while Nike was drawing massive attention for its Kaepernick ad, another major company released an ad talking about the adversity another NFL player really has overcome, and sends a much more positive message than disrespecting law enforcement.

Gillette, which makes shaving blades, released an ad touting the amazing story of one-handed Seattle Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin. The ad shows a one-handed Griffin — who got a mention in the Kaepernick ad that lasted barely three seconds — growing up and trying to keep pace with his older brother Shaquill (who also plays for the Seahawks.)

“Your best never comes easy,” the ad reads. The ad shows Shaquem never making an excuses or whining about the disadvantage of playing without a hand. Gillette also released a follow-up video showcasing the family affair that Shaquem’s career turned out to be.

The following videos really put things into perspective.

Good on you, Gillette.  If I wasn’t so fond of my beard, you would have found yourself a new customer.

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