New York City

Ghastly Scene in Times Square Has NYC Citizens Spooked

Early on Thursday, an intense scene unfolded in New York City’s Times Square, a bustling neighborhood known around the world.

Times Square, often considered one of the primary symbols of New York City, is nearly always brimming with tourists, locals, and celebrities alike.  Today, however, it was also the home of a runaway Honda vehicle that crashed into a crowd of people, killing at least one person and injuring dozens more.

“One person was in custody and at least 13 people were injured after a speeding car jumped a curb and injured several people in New York’s Times Square on Thursday afternoon.

“The FDNY said 13 people were being treated for injuries, and Reuters reported one person had been killed. The FDNY would not confirm any deaths.

“An NYPD source confirmed to Fox News that an unnamed individual had been taken into custody in the incident.

“Several buildings in the area were reportedly on lockdown as police swarmed the busy intersection, which is heavily populated with tourists. Numerous blocks had been taped off by police around the scene.”

As of this time, no motive for the crash has been released, and the perpetrator has not been identified.

There have been no concrete indications that the attack wan anything more than an accident, however, the resemblance to a number of recent terrorist attacks in Europe cannot be ignored.

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