Gettysburg Tells Radical Left to Scram, Monument Not Going Anywhere

This week’s leftist bigotry has been focused on the liberal campaign to erase the history of the United States’ Civil War.

While the left has long been infatuated with the idea of removing any and all trace of the Confederacy from the public eye, the events of Charlottesville, Virginia’s “weekend war” have added fuel to the fire.

A number of responding demonstrations have popped up around the nation in the wake of Charlottesville, with liberal protesters and history revisionists vandalizing, toppling, and removing a number of monuments throughout the nation.  In Atlanta, protesters spray painted all over a peace monument in Piedmont Park; a symbolic statute that was installed to represent the healing that occurred between the north and the south after the war had long ended.  In Durham, North Carolina, leftist thugs who illegally toppled a Confederate statue were arrested at a rally they organized in order to call for their own amnesty in the crime.

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Given the vile vigilantism of the radical left who look to divide our nation further along party line, it comes as no surprise that those tasked with keeping American history safe would be up in arms.  Now, those who responsible for the Confederate monuments at Gettysburg are taking a preemptive stand against the neo-fascism of the liberal revisionists.

“The Gettysburg National Military Park, which memorializes soldiers who fought and died during the Battle of Gettysburg, including men who served in the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, has not received any complaints or requests related to the monuments, said Katie Lawhon, park spokeswoman.

“‘These memorials, erected predominantly in the early and mid-20th century, are an important part of the cultural landscape,’ Lawhon said in an email.

“More than 1,325 monuments, markers and plaques reflect how the 1863 clash has been remembered by different generations of Americans.

“The National Park Service is committed to safeguarding the site-specific monuments in perpetuity, she added.”

Those who died fighting in the Civil War are those who have been memorialized in many of these cases, adding an element of shame to the actions of the radical left.

These monuments do not depict slavery, or slave owners, or racism.  What they depict are Americans who fought and died for their interpretation of our great Constitution.  Their bravery is what the world needs to remember them for, not the ugly facets of the plantation economy.  These soldiers were not slave owners, nor were they politicians.  They were simply Americans.

Erasing their story is akin to erasing each and every sacrifice they made.

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