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Get Ready for “What Happened II: Curse of The Witch”, Coming in 2021

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It is simply strange watching any human being do something wrong, over and over again, in perpetuity, until someone finally has the gall to step in and say, “c’mon friend…let’s quit embarrassing yourself”.

That late, thankful gesture, often committed by a stranger as the emotional baggage isn’t quite the same as for a friend, is always a difficult line to cross.  Especially if the person whom you are correcting will be indignant, defiant, or otherwise combative about the situation.

We would wager to guess that Hillary Clinton falls into that category.  As a fiery former First Lady and Secretary of State, Clinton razed the political playbook of those who came before her, blurring the lines between public service and personal strategic wealth management, and shrugging off even the most concrete pieces of evidence alluding to her wrongdoing.

In all honesty, it was likely just these sort of revelations that kept her out of the White House in 2016.  Sure, Donald Trump had certainly captured the hearts of We The People, but, through the shiny  lens of two years’ time we seem to have forgotten just how careful we were being with the idea of a President Trump.  It was a leap of faith that has delivered in large doses, but we mustn’t ignore our previous trepidation.

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Clinton could have walked away with the entire contest if it weren’t for the intrepid disclosures of Julian Assange at Wikileaks, which detailed an intricate web of scandal that encompassed the entirety of the DNC.  Americans now had proof that their suspicions about Hillary were correct, and she was simply an unfit choice for public office.

After her defeat, Clinton went on to write a book entitled, hilariously, What Happened, about the election.  This led to endless ribbing by any number of media sources as the tone-deaf title sent eyes rolling all across the democratic party.

Now, it looks like a sequel could be in the works…unfortunately.

Hillary Clinton has ramped her public presence and her fundraising appeals in recent weeks, leading to speculation she’s plotting her 2020 comeback and preparing for a rematch with Donald Trump.

The former presidential candidate has been appearing at high-profile events – such as for the Clinton Foundation and at Oxford University – in addition to asking for donations to causes she supports.

The New York Post notes that five times in the last month alone, Clinton let supporters know her super PAC was working against Trump.

She has stayed at the top of her supporters’ in-box, using events-of-the-day – such as her email railing against Trump’s controversial ‘zero tolerance ‘immigration policy earlier this month – to spread her message.

Some people just never learn, I suppose.


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