Germany Suffers Second Train Attack in Two Days


Last night, Germany was shocked by a heinous axe attack in a central train station.  Today, attackers took to the trains themselves.

Germany has come under attack in recent months, with many in Deutschland pointing the finger directly at Chancellor Angela Merkel and her shortsighted open borders policy.  While yesterday’s attack took place, thankfully, within the relatively open expanse of a train station itself, today’s mayhem occurred on a crowded train car and involved a possible chemical weapon.

“TWO YOUNG children were treated for burning eyes and breathing problems after a tear gas attack on a packed train in Hamburg this evening.

“Two ‘youths’ have fled the scene after spraying the toxic substance in a carriage carrying around 50 people.

“Several people, including two children aged three and six, were hurt and treated by first responders.

“The children suffered respiratory and eye problems – although their injuries are not thought to be serious.

“One photo showed a paramedic consoling an upset children with a balloon fashioned from a first aid glove.”

If this attack does prove to be of a jihadist origin, it would confirm to many the world over that the willingness of nations to allow unfettered access to middle eastern refugees must be tempered by an extremely strenuous vetting process.  Without stricter border security, nations such as Germany are destined to live in fear of radical Islamic terrorism for decades to come.


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