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Germany Rocked ONCE AGAIN By Radical Islamic Knife Attack

Radical Islam continues to enjoy unfettered access to Europe, leaving a trail of blood and chaos in its wake.

The “religion of peace”, so ironically monikered by its proponents, has been traumatizing Europe for months thanks to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s foolish and all-encompassing capitulation to the European Union.  More specifically, the EU’s plan to adopt a quota system for European countries to measure the “success” of their Syrian refugee relocation.

While nations such as Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland have outright refused to comply with the EU’s sovereignty-smashing mandates, much of the rest of the continent have found themselves in the midst of Holy War Hell, as radical Islamic terrorists have slithered across Europe in plain sight, posing as Syrian refugees.  These operatives then establish a means to carry out heinous terrorist attacks before countries such as France or Germany can install safeguards to prevent them.

Now, once again, Germany has been the victim of tragedy, as an individual wielding a knife slaughtered his way through a supermarket while shouting his praises to Allah.

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“Police arrested a blood-soaked man after at least one person was killed and several injured at a supermarket in Hamburg, Germany Friday afternoon.

“The attack took place at a supermarket in the Barmbek neighbourhood of Hamburg at around 3 pm local time according to police. The man involved, who has yet to be identified to the press, ran into the supermarket and began attacking customers with a “long kitchen knife” leading to the death of at least one victim.

“One alleged witness to the attack claimed that the man stabbed the customers and yelled ‘Allahu Akbar!’ immediately after the attack.”

This is just the latest in a long line of terror attacks that have rocked the continent in recent months.

France, Germany, and England have been prime targets for the terrorists hoard’s religious rampage.  France was recently hit with a spate of knife and car attacks, following the unfathomable violence of multiple, coordinated attacks back in November of 2015 that took place nearly simultaneously at locations throughout Paris.

Manchester, England fell victim to a similarly atrocious attack earlier this year as a concert full of young female pop music fans were targeted as they exited a large arena.

Given the prevalence of terror attacks throughout Europe, U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly attempted to install stricter travel guidelines for entry into the United Sates, at least until a more thorough system of background checks can be developed.  Trump has been unfortunately derailed in his every attempt by meddling liberal lawmakers and judiciaries who have immorally pledged “resistance” to the elected leader.

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