Germany Faces Yet Another Train Station Attack, One Officer Critically Injured

Europeans have been under attack in recent months, with a number of high profile incidents littering the continent.

Germany, France, and England have all fallen victim to high profile attacks in varying venues.  Concert venues, stadiums, tourist hotspots, and transit hubs have all been targeted by evildoers in an attempt to spread whatever brand of chaos they subscribe to all over the European heartland.

Exacerbating the casualties in these locals are unfortunate, strict gun control laws that make it difficult or impossible for civilians to carry, or even own firearms.  Unfortunately for Europe, they have a very limited number of “good guys with guns” who are able to respond to, and eliminate threats such as those facing these countries.

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Germany, today, was the victim of yet another assault in which a lone wolf attacker was able to inflict multiple injuries before being stopped by armed police.

“Officers were called to Munich Unterföhring S-Bahn station this morning to intervene in a fight on the station platform, in which at least one party was wielding a knife, reports Welt. Officers got involved in the scuffle and an attacker attempted to push one member of the police from the platform onto the railway tracks.

“While wrestling on the ground, a 37-year-old male — reported to be a German passport holder, and resident of Munich, and not previously known to police — took the sidearm of a 26-year-old police officer and shot her in the head. The individual is reported to have been able to shoot two others at the station before being shot himself.

 “There have been no reported fatalities, but the injured police officer is in a ‘life-threatening’ condition.”
With such strict gun control laws governing much of Europe, the continent will continue to be a target for lone wolf style attacks.
Although no link to terrorism has yet to be established in this latest attack, no motivation has been released either.

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