Germany Calls for Cavalry as Radical Leftist Riots Continue at G20

Once again, there is violence on the streets of Germany, this time as world leaders convene on the city of Hamburg for a meeting of the minds.

The G20 Summit, taking place this week in the usually quiet German city, has brought with it a riotous atmosphere of violence and vitriol led by the world’s radical leftist cult, hoping to disrupt the meeting of the world’s most powerful leaders.  For days, the “Welcome To Hell” protest, as it has been named by its organizers, has wreaked havoc throughout the city.  Beyond the normal staples of leftist uprising, such as burning cars and other “black bloc” tactics, these urban warriors have begun attacking police in earnest, causing over 160 injuries to the authorities sworn to keep peace in the city.

Now, as German authors begin to lose control, the powers that be have called for emergency help to keep these radical leftists from spoiling their fun.

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“Protesters torched cars and lorries, looted retail stores, lit off firecrackers and blasted music from Jimi Hendrix in a vain bid to drown out the classical music playing at the Elbphilarmonie concert hall across the Elbe River.

“Reinforcements poured in from across Germany but police were unable to prevent thousands of protesters from fanning out across the northern port city.

“The protests marred a gathering that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had hoped would demonstrate her country’s unshakeable commitment to freedom of speech and assembly.

“‘I have every understanding for peaceful demonstrations but violent demonstrations put human lives in danger,’ she said.

“Participants in the G20 meeting praised the work of police in keeping the event safe but said they had never seen protesters closer to such a summit than in Hamburg.

“In the touristy Pferdemarkt area, known for its trendy cafes and nightlife, activists faced off against police in riot gear who were unable to put out fires, with billowing thick smoke dramatically reducing visibility.

“In the nearby Schanzenviertel, looters plundered a supermarket. Nearby, a cash machine was burned out. Several police helicopters patrolled overhead.”

The rioters have already caused major disruptions to G20 guests, including U.S. First Lady Melania Trump, who was forced to postpone her appearance at the summit due to the turmoil.

Of particular note is the increasing violence of the radical left, especially after the assassination normalization tactics of American celebrities such as Kathy Griffin.  The so-called “resistance” movement against U.S. President Trump has created a new standard for all liberal action, including the left-leaning violence of the “Welcome To Hell” crowd.  Police and other authority figures in Hamburg will certainly have their hands full, as these leftist lunatics continue to push the envelope with no denouncement from the mainstream media, and an increasingly gruesome end goal in mind for the protesters.

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