German Victim Protects Her Rapist

German Victim Protects Her Rapist

Racism is no big sh**.  Flush it away and as long as it is not held high above the toilet bowl  it affects nothing.


When I was young after WWII I experienced some anti-Semitism.  It angered me but didn’t hurt me. In fact other people’s hatred was a confirmation of my existence.  I felt like Meursault in “L’Etranger.”

I punched a few haters when it was opportune and if I could take them.


The only thing that compares to a Nazi is a leftie.  Communists are so busy approving of themselves that they can’t make judgments against their enemies. Enmity against people who abuse them would be a form of racism.  How?  Ask the thought police, the liberal bigots in the sky.


In Germany a leftie German politician, Selin Goren, lied to police about the nationality of three men who raped her in Mannheim in January.  She was worried that it would encourage racism in her country.  She thought that racism is worse than rape, even when the rape was to herself. 


Selin imagined she was being kind but she was endangering all the other women of her country.  She was colluding with the rapists.  She was almost raping herself.


She  was attacked  while working as a refugee activist. She wanted to help the refugees.  I guess she did.  They  must have been happy.


Instead of helping the refugees she ratified their mistreatment of German innocents.  She aided and abetted their beastliness.  She sent civilization back a few giant steps.


She told  Germany’s Spiegel magazine that she didn’t want to cry “rape” because she  did not want to create “more hatred against migrants in Germany”.  When hatred is due it is due.  Why blind yourself to hating rapists?  That is both near sighted and stupid. If you can’t hate you can’t love and hate is a kind of love in that it is pure even if it is ugly.


Selin is stupid.  She is disassembling society and the safeguards of civilization.  She thinks that she is kind.  But she is cruel. Nick Lowe had a one hit wonder—“You’ve gotta be cruel to be kind.” Selin is a b**** who is cruel to all innocent Germans. She doesn’t understand that kindness is sternness but forgiveness is inappropriate.


I would have felt sorry for her being raped if she were not such a stupid liberal.  How can I condone her encouraging rape by not naming and accusing it?  She is like Obama failing to name radical Islam radical Islam. They both weaken the language and our values.


Selin is a reverse racist in that she uses race as an excuse for exoneration from punishment. As a German, a descendent of Nazis, she should be more sensitive to using race for blame or an excuse.

She has come full circle from Nazi to liberal to racist.


Selin regards the migrants as filth so she wants to clean them up and pretend that they are her superior. But in her twisted heart of hearts, she still looks down on them.  The Syrian migrants are the needy. She is God helping them.


She elevates herself while she rubs their faces in the mud and then enjoys her own magnificence in forgiving them for raping her.


Ugh.  Stupidity and masochism are Selin’s bedfellows. She coddles her own rape  because she doesn’t understand the requirements of goodness.  Surrender is concession, not improving those around you.  

Decline is the slippery slope of softness. Look to the left.  It is rolling down a socialist hill.

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