German Terrorist Attacks Committed by Refugee Asylum Seekers! Is America Next?

German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel reminds me a lot of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. She was confident that Germany could handle all of the refugee asylum seekers from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East. Obama has repeatedly told the American people that his is confident that America can handle the refugee asylum seekers from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.

After the last two terrorist attacks in Germany have been linked to refugee asylum seekers, Merkel is still claiming that Germany can continue to accept the refugee asylum seekers. She also vowed to increase their security and vetting system used to screen refugee asylum seekers. Obama has vowed to increase security and the vetting system used to screen refugee asylum seekers.

Don’t forget, it was Obama’s safe vetting system that allowed Tashfeen Malik into the US. Malik was the wife of Syed Rizwan Farook. The two of them are the ones that carried out the mass shooting in San Bernardino last year that left 14 dead and 22 seriously wounded.

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Many in the German government and the German people are angry with Merkel for her weak policy on immigration and accepting refugees. In a recent Pew Research survey conducted in a number of European countries, 61% of the German people responded that they believe refugees will increase the likelihood of terrorism in their country.

Yet, few members of America’s government are angry with Obama over his weak immigration and refugee policies. It seems even fewer Americans are angry with Obama over immigration and refugee policies.

Donald Trump is the only public figure who has the conviction and honesty to speak the truth about the imminent danger of Obama’s weak immigration and refugee policies. Hillary Clinton and the rest of America are condemning Trump for wanting to protect America, you and your families from what the people in Germany and France have been experiencing.

Obama and many other liberals are quick to follow the socialist policies of many European counties, like England’s national healthcare system which is in financial shambles. Yet the liberals refuse to follow the lessons learned by the same European nations when their policies fail, especially when it comes to immigration and refugees.

British friends of mine still living in Great Britain have told me that entire cities and areas of the country have been lost to Muslims who started moving in over 20 years ago. The Muslims told them they didn’t want to change anything, just like they do here, but once they got established, they quickly started changing everything – schools, stores and churches – to Islamic and drove out the remaining non-Muslim residents. If you don’t think this is already happening here, drive through parts of Dearborn, Michigan. You will see streets of store signs in Arabic, not English and check out the city council. The Muslim influence is so strong in Dearborn that the public high schools held a Muslim based girls-only prom just for the Muslim girls, yet Christian Baccalaureate service for graduating seniors was not held.

If you want America to be like Germany and France, then move there or vote for Hillary. If you care about America, your safety or the safety of your family then vote for Trump and other politicians who actually care about protecting America, you and your family.


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