GERMAN TERROR: Bomb Strikes Bus Belonging to Soccer Team


Germany has been under siege by radical Islamic terrorists in recent months, due in part to their foolish open border policy in the wake of the Syrian migrant crisis.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has been spearheading the ridiculous policies leading to the German crisis, in which a spate of terroristic incidents have been occurring in Germany in recent weeks.  ISIS and their ilk have openly admitted to exploiting the Syrian migrant crisis, and the open border policies that the crisis ushered in in most of Europe, to assemble groups of their Jihadists all over the continent.  Now, it seems that yet another band of evildoers have struck fear in the heart of the people of Deutschland.

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“Dortmund police said that ‘three explosive charges had detonated’ at Hoechsten outside the city at about 19:00 local time.

“The first indications were that this was an ‘attack with serious explosives’, they said.

“Fans at the 80,000-capacity Signal Iduna Park were told to stay there until it was safe to leave.

“The stadium was later evacuated safely and police thanked the fans for their co-operation.

“‘As many officers as possible’ would be deployed for tomorrow’s rescheduled game, they said.

“Monaco fans were praised for their chants of support for Dortmund. Social media also carried offers from Dortmund residents to Monaco fans in need of a bed for the night on #bedforawayfans.”

As these bombings and assaults continue, many inside the European Union are looking to their barely-there leadership for protection and advice – something that they have not received nearly enough of.  Countries such as Hungary have even been subjected to the opposite reaction from EU leadership, in which the supposedly sovereign nation has been threatened by the organization for their unwillingness to put their citizens at risk to take in undocumented migrants from the Middle East.

Until Europe comes to grips with the error of their globalist ways, we will unfortunately be subjected to hearing more and more of these tragic tales.

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