German Police Use Liberal Techniques to Fight Crime – You Have to See This!

This is a “Must See” video from a group of hilarious Germans who are tired of liberal politicians telling people the best way to fight back against terrorism is with… LOVE.

From FB:

About ten days ago in Germany, a terrorist attacked people on a train with an axe, injuring five with two in critical condition. The police shot and killed him. Green Party politician Renate Künast asked on Twitter why the police didn’t use non-lethal force. Just to put this in perspective, these are (NSFW) images of the scene:
Turns out that she posted on Twitter without knowing much of the facts or waiting for the investigation to end. She got tons of negative feedback, but the best response is this video from the German police. It was released a day before the bloody attacks from last week started.

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If you don’t have Facebook you can see the original video here, sadly it’s without subtitles, so unless you know German you won’t understand how hilarious the video is actually is.

Onan Coca

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