German EU Official Wants “Entire Syrian Villages” Relocated to Deutschland

In the history of the European Union, there have been numerous detrimental decisions cast upon its member nations, but the latest idea from one official will leave you scratching your head.

Germany, along with other EU member nations such as France and Belgium, has been at the epicenter of a continent-wide epidemic of radical Islamic terrorism.  Railways, tourist hotspots, and concert venues have all been targeted on numerous occasions by jihadists who have exploited the Syrian refugee crisis, and the weak EU response to it, in order to infiltrate these sovereign nations.  Only a handful of European Union members have refused, under penalty, to take in the mandated number of middle eastern migrants that the EU has set, including Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia; three nations who have not had a terror attack occur concurrent to the refugee influx across the continent.

Now, proof that the EU has refused to learn it lesson is becoming more abundant after one German representative of the Union has expressed his desire to bring entire villages from the middle east to the center of Deutschland.

“Ska Keller, a German Member of the European Parliament and of the Green Party, says the transplant of entire villages from Syria is a good idea because it will encourage more migrants to enter Germany.

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“’The idea of the Syrian villages is only one possibility which we can use,’ she told the Osnabrücker Zeitung, translated from German. ‘For example, if refugees don’t want to go to a country alone that has no other refugees.’”

 “’People go rather where compatriots already live, which makes the integration and acceptance easier.’

“She also accused the Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries of ‘violating EU law’ for not taking in more migrants, but fails to mention that the EU is an unelected bureaucracy where decisions come thousands of kilometers away in Brussels.”

Keller’s ridiculous plan goes against all the common sense that has been acquired through the violent aftermath of Europe’s terror siege.

While there is a need to help Syrian citizens escape the brutal and monstrous regime of President Bashar al-Assad, who has been employing chemical weapons on civilians in recent months, the speed at which the EU is attempting to relocate these refugees is completely absurd.  There is no possible scenario in which these migrants can be fully vetted and subjected to adequate background checks in the amount of time that it would take to reach the EU’s unacceptable quotas.  This has allowed ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups to exploit the mass exodus into Europe in order to infiltrate the continent with jihadists…something that the organization has openly admitted.


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