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German Chancellor Threatens Britain Over Brexit, Pushes Globalism

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been on the wrong end of several political decision in recent months…a fact that has befuddled the German people.

Merkel has been a staunch proponent of open borders in Germany, in hopes of easing the Syrian refugee crisis by allowing these middle eastern migrants swift relocation in Deutschland.  This move have been met with an extremely healthy skepticism, as a bevy of studies have indicated that ISIS has been exploiting the open border policies in Europe to mobilize their terrorist operatives to far fling locales, posed as Syrian asylum-seekers.  Furthermore, in areas where the population of refugees has increased, there has been an exponential increase in crime as well.  This has led to opposition from nations such as Poland and Hungary, who are defying the wishes of Merkel and the European Union in their refusal of refugees.

Merkel’s foolish policies are just a small piece of the leader’s larger stake in the globalism movement, in which national sovereignty should be eschewed in favor a new world order…something that does not sit well with many nation, including Great Britain.  After the British voted emphatically to remove themselves from the European Union, many in the globalist movement, such as Merkel, began a campaign of discrimination against the nation.

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Now, Merkel has taken her rhetoric a step further.

“Delivering a speech hours after British Prime Minister Theresa May commented that she wants a ‘deep and special relationship’ with the EU, Merkel warned on Wednesday that the UK should not be fooled into thinking that it will have a prosperous future relationship with the bloc.

“’A third state, and that’s what Britain will be, cannot and will not have at its disposal the same rights…as members of the European Union,’ Merkel said. ‘We can only do an agreement on the future relationship with Britain when all questions about its exit have been cleared up satisfactorily.’”

“’You may think this is all obvious. But I’m afraid I get the sense some in Britain still have illusions about Brexit – that would be wasted time.’

“Her warning is the latest in a string of threats delivered by EU leaders to Britain in just the last few months.”

The anti-sovereignty slant of the globalist movement seemed more at home years ago, when Merkel and former President Barack Obama were able to work together on the world stage to bring their vision of detrimental homogeny to the planet.  Now, in this conservative-leaning world, nations and populations alike are rediscovering the beauty of freedom in the face of an uncertain world.

The threats coming from Merkel sound more like the desperate wailing of a terminally injured animal than the ramblings of a competent global politician.

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