German Bomber Connected to ISIS

It is not a big surprise that ISIS is now claiming the bomber in Germany. It seems that they are claiming all who do violence whether they were affiliated with the terror group or not. But, there appears to be little doubt that this connection is a real one.

Fox reports

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Islamic State said that the Syrian refugee who carried out a suicide bombing in Germany this week was a fighter for the extremist group before migrating to Europe and that he launched the attack with help from a second operative.

An obituary published late Tuesday in Islamic State’s al-Naba newsletter said Mohammad Daleel fought with the militant group in Iraq and then Syria before being wounded on the battlefield. He then traveled abroad for medical treatment before he eventually sought asylum in Germany, it said without naming the country he went to for treatment.

Once again, we have a terrorist connected to an asylum seeker. Once again, we are faced with the fact that we are unable to vet all of the refugees and know their past. This man was a former ISIS soldier and enters Europe undetected.

Fox continued

Daleel was no longer an active Islamic State member by the time he arrived in Germany in 2014 but was lured back to the group through its online propaganda years later, the obituary said. Government authorities haven’t verified the accuracy of the obituary.

And again, we see that the power of this groups to recruit online in our own countries is powerful. It has a draw to the Muslim because it plays on the world view that they already have as Muslims. It calls for devotion and promises great reward.

Europe now looks to be ready to explode in violent conflict.

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