Will This Red State Turn Blue in November?

Is Georgia Turning Blue in 2016? Big shock this week that Georgia polling between Hillary and Trump shows a statistical tie.  There have been many Georgia pundits belly-aching for the past 20 years that Georgia is turning blue.  We have yet to see a significant shift especially on the national level. Is there enough evidence though that Georgia turns Blue in 2016?  The answer is yes and no.

One story that is not going away anytime soon is Georgia‘s Religious Restoration Act. Nathan Deal’s veto of this bill sent a shock wave nationally that have left a lot of evangelical conservatives completely stunned that Deal would not stand up for First Amendment rights of Georgia citizens. Deal’s tortured reasoning for vetoing this bill has left many Georgia Republicans in shock on his explanation.

“I know that there are a lot of Georgians who feel like this is a necessary step for us to take. I would hope that in the process of these last few days, we can keep in mind the concerns of the faith-based community, which I believe can be protected without setting up the situation where we could be accused of allowing or encouraging discrimination.”

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So apparently a bill that protects basic religious liberty is considered discrimination. Jimmy Carter could of said this.  Barack Obama could of made this cultural marxist statement. Because of this betrayal of basic religious liberty from Nathan Deal and all of Deal’s yes men in the Georgia House and Senate surrendering to the left, there are those that believe that creates a huge opening for Democrats to defeat Republicans in Georgia.

In Georgia, we will now see churches sued and forced to rent their facilities, against their own consciences and tenets of their denomination, for same-sex weddings. It will happen.

And in the next election for governor, in 2018, any Republican running for office will have to carry the burden of surrender in the race. Meanwhile, all Jason Carter, who unsuccessfully ran against Deal in 2014, will have to do is say “I would have found a compromise.”

Every conservative voice has been silenced in Georgia, because we can’t call Disney on its threat to boycott Georgia, and expose their hypocrisy given that Florida has a stronger RFRA than Georgia. Wouldn’t it be great to call on Disney to boycott Florida and close Walt Disney World unless the state repealed its RFRA? But now we can’t because Governor Deal melted like wet toilet paper.

Deal has handed Georgia over to the Democrats, and almost guaranteed that by 2018 not only will Georgia be a swing state, it will be turning a deep shade of blue.

Nathan Deal VetoThis is the latest betrayal of conservatives in Georgia from the Governor and Georgia Republicans. Nathan Deal doubling down on Common Core in Georgia along with vetoing campus carry legislation  have angered many conservatives.

So based on all these foundational issues being surrendered to Democrats, are we seeing a shift in Georgia to blue in 2016?

There are two arguments for seeing a shift to blue in Georgia. The first argument is seeing Republicans continue to cave to Democrats on issues of religious liberty, education and 2nd Amendment rights. The second argument is changing demographics. The changing demographics argument usually comes from moderate to liberal Atlanta pundits. They have been touting that the Republican party is shrinking and more and more minorities who trend Democrat are taking over Georgia. These same pundits preached that Nathan Deal and David Perdue were going to lose to Democrats in 2014 due to “changing Demographics.” It turned out that polling during the primary was terrible and it proved not to be the case. Many of these same Atlanta moderates have used “changing demographics” as a weapon to push for pandering to democrats in policy and tone. These pundits have been whining about changing demographics for 20 years. The Republican Georgia consultant class whine about this the most and use “changing demographics” to peddle their advice to candidates and profit off it. It’s also worth noting that Governor Deal’s embrace of common core didn’t cost him the 2014 election. So apparently, changing demographics and caving on conservative issues didn’t cost Deal his election either. It would be safe to say that for now, Georgia isn’t turning blue and the head to head polling between Hillary and Trump may be too early to get an accurate reading.

The current trajectory with Georgia’s illegal immigration problem has the impact to turn Georgia Blue.

Out of all the things Governor Nathan Deal campaigned on the most, he has completely abandoned the fight against illegal immigration in Georgia. Governor Deal has allowed illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses and has pandered to radical elements of the open borders community in Georgia. We are seeing real demographics move with illegal immigration.

For those of us who recall the Georgia of only a decade ago, it is not difficult to recognize the warning signs that we are becoming a less livable state.

The financial costs to Georgia taxpayers of supplying (bilingual) education, incarceration, medical care and social benefits to the hundreds of thousands of people who are here in violation of our laws is becoming impossible to ignore.

A long sustained unchecked pattern of illegal immigration in Georgia will eventually turn the peach state blue like California even though Georgia is not there yet for 2016.

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