Medical Marijuana

Georgia Republican Exposing Faults in Medical Marijuana Prohibition

For many Americans who are coping with a variety of ailments, only medical marijuana has allowed them to live somewhat normal lives.

The drug, which is far less addicting and dangerous than opioid-based painkillers, has not only been used to comfort those living with chronic pain, but has found a bevy of other uses as well.  Notably, children who suffer from certain types of debilitating seizures, sometimes dozens of times in one day, have found that certain compounds in cannabis oil relieve or completely eradicate their symptoms.

While in many states, the allowance of medical marijuana and cannabis products, as prescribed by a doctor, is a no-brainer.  Unfortunately for many in the deep south, however, years of political inbreeding have left states such as Georgia with too few politicians willing to examine the reality of the once-taboo drug.

That’s where one republican from the Peach State is hoping to help, and keep himself out of jail in the meantime.

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“According to AZFamily, Georgia Republican, Rep. Allen Peake is running an underground medical marijuana network in order to get the drug to families who need it.

“Peake, a vehemently pro-life, devout Christian is providing the service free of charge to those who can legally use the drug for their ailment, but have no legal way of obtaining it. Peake is hoping that doing this without any payment will keep him from landing the felony charge of drug trafficking.

Current federal law prohibits the use of marijuana, and the transportation of it across state lines. In 2016, then President Barack Obama sent out a directive that stopped the Department of Justice from enforcing what he called a patchwork of laws ‘where something that’s legal in one state could get you a 20-year prison sentence in another.’

Peake is doing what he can to skirt the illegality of the federal laws still on the books.

“’We’re going to do whatever it takes to be able to help get product to these families, these citizens who have debilitating illnesses,’ says Peake.

“Current Georgia marijuana laws allow one to possess medical marijuana, but gives those who need it no way of cultivating, purchasing, or importing the drug. Peake successfully championed the creation of the medical marijuana program in 2015, as well as its expansion.”

One reason for the continued, nonsensical federal prohibition of medical cannabis is the influence of the Big Pharmaceutical lobby.  Cannabis is a fairly inexpensive product to produce, and has been scientifically proven to assist with many different ailments.  By allowing such a drug into the medical market, pharmaceutical companies, who are in no way prepared to get into the marijuana business, will be at risk of taking a massive financial hit.  So, as with any massive special interest, Big Pharmaceutical will lobby politicians and grease what palms they must in order to keep the competition at bay.


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