George Will Lays Out 3 Important Lessons on Obama’s Transgender Edict [VIDEO]

On Fox News Sunday, columnist George Will laid out three “lessons” on Obama’s recent transgender edict – where the President announced that public schools across the nation must allow transgender students to use the restrooms and other facilities consistent with their chosen “gender identity.”

While the Obama administration’s transgender edict does not have the force of law – as it was not legislated in Congress – it does come with the threat of loss of federal funds for noncompliant schools.

Transgender Edict Panel

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As George Will pointed out to Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, the transgender edict is not supposed to be mandatory, “but that’s their way of getting around the Administrative Procedures Act that requires public hearings and public comment.”

The directive is for all intents and purposes mandatory, because without compliance, the feds will either sue or withhold funding. As Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick noted, that’s tantamount to blackmail.

But, according to George Will, there is some good that can come out the administration’s transgender edict. Will laid out three lessons:

“Three lessons here,” Will said.

“Most…public schools, every institution in America, is so tied in with federal money that as soon as they take the pieces of silver, they become appendages of the federal government and subject to this kind of unilateral executive edict.

“Second, this is bound to be a stimulus — and this is the good side of it — to the growth of private education in this country. People say, we really don’t want to be in public schools if they are manipulated this way.

“But, third, the most important thing about this is the manipulation of language. George Orwell’s 1984 novel was a genius because it said that if government controls language, it has ultimate control. The ’64 Civil Rights Act bans discrimination on the basis of sex. The administration is saying sex is a synonym for gender identity. Not true.

“The party of science ought to know that sex is a matter of chromosomes. And the — those advocating for transgender rights have been saying for years that indeed it is a matter of sexual gender identity that is not the same as sex. So what is sinister here is the — is the president saying the language of the law simply doesn’t mean what it says.”

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As former Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul once said, “When one gets in bed with big government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.” Because states have grown so dependent on the federal government for education funding – as well as just about everything else – states should expect these kinds of mandates from the top.

I hope George Will’s second lesson comes true – that the transgender edict will incentivize parents to withdraw their kids from public education and enroll them into private or home schools. If the demand for public education plummets, then losing federal education dollars won’t be that big of a deal.

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