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George W. Bush is Worried that He Might be the “Last Republican President”

The Republican Party faithful are in the midst of what may be the most chaotic party convention since the hotly contested 1976 convention. However, the meetings in Cleveland may not actually be the most important Republican conclave of the year. On Tuesday, Politico reported that back in April a group of important Republican leaders had met together to discuss the future of the party, and the proceedings were glum.

In fact, the pessimism ran so high that the normally quiet former president, George W. Bush, opened up about his worries that he might actually be the LAST Republican President.


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When it came to talk of 2016, though, the mood was grim. The Republican primary had just narrowed to essentially two choices, each anathema to these card-carrying members of the GOP establishment: Ted Cruz and, even more egregiously, Donald Trump.

But few were as dark about the Republican Party’s future as former President Bush himself. In a more intimate moment during the reunion, surrounded by a smaller clutch of former aides and advisers, Bush weighed in with an assessment so foreboding that some who relayed it could not discern if it was gallows humor or blunt realpolitik.

“I’m worried,” Bush told them, “that I will be the last Republican president.”

If true, and we have no reason to doubt the veracity of Politico’s reporting, it would make for even more depressing news for our team. However, it doesn’t actually change anything about the reality of our situation.

Many of us on the right are neither happy nor excited about the choices we have before us; but dwelling on our ‘rock or hard place’ does us no good. Instead, we should be lowering our heads, putting our hands to the plow, and working ourselves to the bone in an effort to defeat Hillary Clinton and her liberal minions.

If George W. Bush is indeed the last Republican President to hold office, it would mean that America’s hope for greatness restored would be severely crippled. Let’s do our best now to make sure that Bush’s depressing prophecy doesn’t come to pass.

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