Has George W. Bush become the Enemy of the American People?

According to George W Bush, Donald Trump is like Vladimir Putin when it comes to respect for a free and independent press!

George W Bush has given an interview now, and commented on Donald Trump and the media.

According to Today’s website,

In his first in-depth interview since Donald Trump’s inauguration, former President George W Bush gave his take on the current commander in chief’s first month in office, addressing Trump’s attack on the media, his controversial immigration policy, and the Russian hacking scandal.

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Early on in the exclusive sit-down, the former president expressed a clear-eyed support for the news media, saying a free press was “indispensable to democracy.”

“We need an independent media to hold people like me to account,” Bush told TODAY’S Matt Lauer.

“Power can be very addictive and it can be corrosive, and it’s important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power.”

Bush was asked about the media’s role in light of President Donald Trump’s recent characterization of the media as “enemies of America.” He noted he spent a lot of time during his two terms trying to convince Russian President Vladimir Putin to embrace an independent press.

What is wrong with this?

First of all, in this interview, Matt Lauer treats George W Bush as an impartial expert witness when, in fact, he is the exact opposite. His brother, Jeb, was humiliated by Donald Trump in the campaign and, personally, during the debates. While Trump promised to defund Planned Parenthood, there is reason to believe the Bush dynasty supports Planned Parenthood. While some Republicans accused Trump of not being a real conservative, he has done more to make conservative voters happy than Bush ever tried to do.

George W Bush himself participated in the subterfuge that he is not hostile to Trump. Don’t be fooled by the hemming and hawing and the platitudes about the presidency being a “hard job.” Bush knew which quotes the media would use to destroy Trump. The rest was just a charade to add to the pretense that he is a neutral observer rather than a hostile rival whose faction has been defeated.

And what has Donald Trump done to end the American Constitutional system of an “independent press”? All he has done is speak and write about what he thinks of the media’s behavior. That is exactly what the First Amendment was designed to protect. As Trump recently stated,

They say that we can’t criticize their dishonest coverage because of the First Amendment, you know, they always bring up the First Amendment. And I love the First Amendment; nobody loves it better than me. Nobody. I mean, who uses its more than I do? But the First Amendment gives all of us — it gives it to me, it gives it to you, it gives it to all Americans — the right to speak our minds freely. It gives you the right and me the right to criticize fake news and criticize it strongly.

Bush, rather than defend the corporate media of the basic charge—that the media is totally committed to the success of the Democrat Party and against Trump—gratuitously associates Trump with Putin. The reason he evades the substance of Trump’s point against the media is obvious: he doesn’t want to deal with substance because it will make Trump appear more credible to most people.

If Trump doesn’t believe in an independent press, then why do journalists feel so free to attack him? Do Russian journalists treat Vladimir Putin the same way?

Of course, Bush actively supported the notion that Russia “interfered” in our election. Hillary Clinton had claimed that anyone who compromised confidence in America elections was guilty of endangering democracy. The media cheered her. But after she lost, the media has been trumpeting this fantastic Russian conspiracy theory. By Hillary’s logic then, the media is indeed acting as an enemy of the people. Bush is plainly on Hillary’s side.

By the way, when Bush wanted to get his completely unjustified and unaffordable war with Iraq going, the media did not do a thing but act as his propaganda megaphone—as did, “coincidentally,” the Democrat leadership, including Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. The media didn’t oppose him until (1) it was too late, and (2) it was time for a Presidential election. He was never “held accountable” by anyone in the mainstream media.

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