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George Soros Takes Wild Swing at Don Jr. in White House Protest

The leftist political cabal is hellbent on destroying the Presidency of Donald Trump, and that sentiment has trickled down into funded attacks on his children.

In the latest ruse by the radical left to undermine our nation’s Commander in Chief, a great many iterations of one story have been methodically disseminated among the liberal ranks.  That story’s main plot point is that Donald Trump is somehow connected to the Kremlin, our nation’s arch-villain from the 1980’s, and is in the process of selling off our national wealth to Vladimir Putin and his comrades.

Yes, of course the idea is undeniably ludicrous, but that hasn’t prevented the liberals from attaching “Russia” to any and every story that they possibly can.  It doesn’t hurt that the mainstream media is burrowed deep in the pockets of the liberal elite either, with CNN and others repeating whatever Putin plot points are concocted daily.

Now, as Donald Trump Jr. has become the latest victim of the left’s asinine assertions, billionaire globalist George Soros is throwing his substantial wealth behind one political group that has set up shop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“A protest outside the White House on Tuesday organized by the George Soros-funded political action committee (PAC) called for the prosecution of President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. amid evidence a Russian lawyer offered to provide him with damaging information on Hillary Clinton in the run-up to last year’s presidential election.

“’We saw just a few hours ago the email in which Donald Trump Jr. was promised as part of Russia and its government’s efforts to help Donald Trump win this election,’ a leading protester said in front of the podium.

“Protesters appeared to be calling for an investigation into Donald Trump and his son’s alleged collusion with Russia, although the organization’s Washington director suggested authorities should start prosecution proceedings immediately.

“’Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort’s meeting with a Russian attorney under these pretenses amounts to the textbook definition of collusion and their criminal behavior must be prosecuted by authorities,’ said Ben Wikler, Washington Director for”

The protest continued to rage despite the release of the aforementioned emails by Trump Jr. himself, which effectively nullified the entire story.

Furthermore, the Russian lawyer in question has denied any connection to the Kremlin, which provides even more substantial proof that there was no wrongdoing by the son of the President.  Instead, the leftist media is attempting, again, to invent a fake news bombshell to tarnish the leader of the free world.

It is a dangerous game being played by Soros and his henchmen, with the radical left having already turned to violence on several occasions.  Any further poking and prodding of these lunatic liberals could result in immense bloodshed.


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