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George Clooney Gets Its All Wrong…Again

In many ways, George Clooney was a pioneer of liberal, political lunacy in Hollywood.

At a time when he was ostensibly one of the biggest stars in the entire world, Clooney went on a long-winded, left-leaning rant that would forever change the way we view award shows.  Sick of the political pontification of the Oscars?  Or the VMA’s?  Blame ol’ Georgie Boy.

South Park even got in on the action, claiming that Clooney was the progenitor of a fictional “smug cloud”, and using paraphrased bits of his speech to identify this threat was a clever nod to its ridiculousness.

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Well, Clooney has now returned to put his foot directly back into his mouth, this time in a bid to further demean the President of the United States.

“Fear of Muslims. Fear of immigrants. Fear of minorities. Fear of strong women,” George Clooney began. “And because our government needs us to be afraid, the question is, are we really scared of all the things that actually make America great? And if the answer is yes, then we’ll have history to answer to. Because these are the ideas that will define us for generations.”

“After all the jokes, and insults, and reality show frenzy, what will be remembered, what will stand the test of time is holding responsible these wolves in wolves’ clothing,” Clooney continued.

Of course, these claims come just a few days after President Trump hosted Kanye West at the White House to speak about the issues facing Chicago and other urban areas.  And, as for making us fear “immigrants” and “strong women”…

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And, as for the Muslim thing, Clooney is again incorrect.  The President is concerned about the possibility of “radical Islamic terrorism”, not the Muslim faith.

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