Gender Nonsense Spreads, Public School Teachers Warned About…

Biology be damned, at least according to one former government education staffer who recently spoke at a convention full of teachers.

Over the course of the last two years, Americans have been inundated with bizarre and confusing new statutes regarding gender, all due to some strange obsession that former President Barack Obama had with the subject.

During his lame duck term in office, Obama concocted a fairly transparent scheme to secure an entire demographic worth of votes for potential successor Hillary Clinton:  The Commander in Chief would reach out to the tiny, fringe community of transgender Americans in a way that would secure their support for the democratic party.  The former President ensured this by decreeing that all restrooms and locker rooms in American schools would be gender neutral; a reality that did not sit well with a majority of the nation for obvious reasons.

This, in turn, created an entirely new demographic of trans-trenders, or, simply millennial miscreants who want nothing more than to be on the leading edge of social change for theoretical societal points.  The social media-meets-social justice crowd ate this new fad up, creating somewhere in the vicinity of seventy new pronouns to be used to described all manner of people.

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Now, as this bizarre alternative reality has spread throughout the nation, public school teachers have new concerns to deal with in their already thankless, stressful, but ultimately vital jobs.  One government official even went so far as to warn these educators about using the words “boy” and “girl” for fear of offending students.

“Teachers should avoid calling female pupils ‘girls’ or ‘ladies’ because it means they are ‘constantly reminded of their gender’, a former government mental health tsar has said.

“Natasha Devon, who was appointed MBE in 2015 for ‘services to young people’, said the move would help transgendered children as well as encourage female and male students to defy traditional notions of gender, which affect ‘well-being’.

“She told the Girls’ School Association’s annual conference in Manchester that she would ‘never walk into a room in an all-girls’ school and say “girls” or “ladies”‘ because it is ‘patronizing’.

“Teachers should instead address youngsters as ‘pupils’, ‘students’, or even just ‘people’, she insisted, according to The Telegraph. 

 “’I don’t think it is useful to be constantly reminded of your gender all the time and all the stereotypes that go with it.’”

This absurdity, while somewhat trivial sounding on the surface, could have terrifying repercussions down the road.

As Americans are being forced into tolerance for the nonsensical, we will be turning these terrified, confused youngsters into the men and women who will one day lead our nation.  Will their obsession with non-offensive virtue signaling translate into war-time heroism or bold international diplomacy.  Not likely.

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