Gender Neutral Bathroom Fight Sparks Lawsuit Between Yale and Connecticut

The sudden liberal obsession with the transgender agenda has once again divided our nation, and in the case of Connecticut, divided one of our states as well.

It has become a well-understood ploy by the democrats to seek out, empower, and include fringe societal groups into their mass marketing in order to collect eligible voters for the future.  It’s a nickel and dime approach to staying in power, but it has worked well for the liberals as the republicans and other conservative groups have spent decades working on the big picture issues facing America.  By monopolizing the votes of the LGBTQ community, the Black Lives Matter radical racists, and others, the democrats have been able to stay competitive in Washington D.C.

In a last ditch effort to throw some extra support Hillary Clinton’s way in the 2016 presidential election, Barack Obama famously declared that American public schools would lose their federal funding should they not adhere to dangerous new bathroom and locker room mandates in which anyone could use any facility at any time.  If an 18 year old high school senior football player “identified” as female during 3rd period, he could then enter a female locker room full of 15 year old students.  It was absolutely asinine and perverse, and the ultimate goal of swinging transgendered Americans’ votes to Hillary didn’t have any effect on the outcome of the election.  (Spoiler alert:  Clinton was badly embarrassed).

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Now, after Barack Obama made it trendy to de-gender bathrooms, the State of Connecticut is facing a lawsuit over the harmful practice, filed by one of their own prestigious universities.

“Yale University is suing Connecticut over its plan to turn single-user restrooms into gender-neutral bathrooms at its law school.

“The New Haven Register reports the state building inspector’s office previously denied the school’s request for an exemption from the state building code requiring that a certain number of bathrooms in every building be assigned by gender.

“Yale argues that removing gender-specific signs would increase the number of bathrooms open to either gender.”

Connecticut need look no further than American retail giant Target for advice on how to proceed.

Target faced an enormous backlash after an announcement stating that they too would follow Obama’s foolish path, making their restrooms completely gender neutral.  The retailer was then eviscerated by a nationwide boycott that left them billions of dollars poorer, and with a public relations black eye to boot.


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