Gay Marriage: The Soft Sell and Hallmark

For those not familiar with the term, “soft-selling” is when an advertiser uses warm, fuzzy, subtle images to invoke you to buy. Hallmark has been a master of this for ages. I am probably not the only one whose Mom got a little choked up at one of their Christmas commercials. The result has been a net worth of $2.6 billion according to the Kansas City Star.  Not bad for what started when an 18 year old kid shoved 2 shoe boxes full of postcards and headed out to sell them.

The latest commercial from Hallmark, released for Valentine’s Day, is trying to subtly help gay marriage be not only accepted but celebrated (and to sell cards). It starts out with an older couple and several others, and then you see it. The man on one knee and the boyfriend with the blushing bride-to-be stance.

When it comes right down to it, Hallmark is a company that basically wants to make money. They don’t really care who they sell to. They even have Happy Divorce cards. You would think a company who pushes wedding paraphernalia would have a little respect for the institution. NAH! They just want to sell you some super expensive paper products even if they have a swastika on them. Oh wait they recalled that and offered an apology for what they considered a Chinese Vase design.

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Hallmark is the master of the soft sell. As long as they churn out Non-Stop Christmas movies, Series like When Calls the Heart and keep the immoral to a minimum and on the subtle side, people will keep right on throwing their cash at them.

Perhaps they can start a series of “Welcome to Pedophilia” glass ornaments this year as long as they keep it subtle and advertise it as the “Fatherly Love” edition. Perhaps when done all in silhouette you won’t notice the “Dad’s” hand down the “son’s” pants. Maybe after several thousand are sold at $20 a piece and someone points out the perversion, Hallmark will say OOPS and all will be forgiven. Did I say master of the soft sell? I think that might be an understatement. Hallmark: Puppet Masters to the Masses!!!

Now don’t start a stampede, but I hear the “Congratulations on your Extramarital Affair” cards are 10% off with coupon. You can download that coupon at

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